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Today is the last day of November. Tomorrow starts a whole new part of the years. The time when we are all overcome with red and green and joyful music and the ticker that shows December 25th is merely seconds away!! 

However, I’m not quite there yet. Sure, I have started the trimming of our tree and our house lights are a’twinkling but I have some serious couch sitting and Netflix binging to catch up on. Plus, my hubby has just thrown two more shows into my corner to get all excited over. 

The 100

 Why were 100 teenagers sent to uninhabited Earth? Wait, is it truly uninhabited? If you were a fan of LOST, I highly recommend this show!



All of a sudden, there are wild animals attacking humans and their behavior is way beyond their norm. It’s not about hunting and feeding, it’s about sending message to the human race. Intrigued yet? 

Obviously, the kids have some new shows to get excited over as well.

Care Bears & Cousins


Just like the show way back in the 80’s but there are many more friends to love. Something sweet to watch with your kids that contains good messages about kindness and friendships. A must watch for everyone!



Remember those little furry guys that could pop into a ball at will? Well, this show will help conjure up a new set of Popple fans! (Yup, I had one of those little balls when I was little!) Funny, entertaining and wholesome. It’s worth a watch!! 

My kids were given a treat box filled with 80’s memorabilia. Including the Popples. Yes, my kids are hooked!   
Maybe, just maybe, after we get a taste of these “new” shows we can start on the holiday entertainment but I’ll save that for next month’s post. 


Blogger’s Note: As usual, I’m a part of the NETFLIX #StreamTeam and will watch and discuss shows that I believe my readers will enjoy. And all opinions are from my own head, not a produced script. 

Photo source:  Netflix and IMBD 



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