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IMG_3158.PNGRight now, my kids are on the breakiest of all the breaks. The teaser before summer vacation. The time between state mandated testing and biting off bunny ears. That’s right, I’m talking about spring break.

Long time ago, in my world B.CC. (Before Children-Chaos), Spring Break was beaches, boozing, boy-cruising and some much fun that I forgot I was there. Nowadays, it’s just keeping my little maniacs from making me lose my mind before Easter Sunday. But I have plans. BIG PLANS!!

I am mixing it up. Between the water fights, the drawing and stories, the outside video game reenactment and so much food that we’ll be buying new clothes on Saturday, I got the watch playlist for our down time. 

We’ll be grabbing popcorn and cuddle blankets to relax and watch these gems: 

annieMy kids want to see the remake so it’s time to re-watch the classic. I can only hope Cameron Diaz does the Mrs. Hannigan role (made famous by Carol Burnett) justice.


Despite the fact that my kids have already seen this film, it’s one of their favorites so they have asked to add it to our watch list. It’s sweet. I like the movies that have heart and I’m thrilled when my kids like them too. how2

 If you haven’t seen the second installment in the HTTYD series, you’re in for a treat. I think it’s better than the first. My kids think so too. That’s why we’ve seen it about 50 times…and we’ll watch it another 50. Probably before the week is done.

afvMy dad would videotaped this show for my kids. He used to love watching them laugh. Frankly, I love it too so it’s my “go-to” when I need them to chill for a bit and none of their favorites are on TV. Thanks, Netflix. Problem solved.

 I might be stuffing this week full with activities to the corners and ceiling but if it gets us through without someone mentioning the words “I’m bored!” than I claim this break a major success!!



Blogger’s Note: Who’s got two metal thumbs and is grateful to be on Netflix’s Stream Team?? This robot. 




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