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In this edition of What We Are Watching, we are getting all science-y, because science rocks!! (Har!! I got the Mom jokes!!)


As a youngster, you find yourself finding a connection with certain TV shows. I remember my favorites were Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and American Bandstand. By the time I was in my late teens to young adult in the 1990’s, I was on the road to teaching young minds and wanted to be well aware of what the kids’ were watching at that time. And what they were watching was this man…


Appealing to both the younger ones (4-7) and teenagers (11-16) and all ages in between, Bill Nye was “Mad science” before mad science became the hit that my kids have learned about in their current school.

Now that school is almost in hiatus, my kids have started on their binge-watching of this great show.

Now, Netflix currently has the show available but only the first season so far. Granted, that’s 31 episodes to enjoy but I’m hoping that during the summer they extend that to more seasons. Let’s hope..let’s hope…let’s hope….


These are my mad little scientists. Goggles are a necessity.

I’m a HUGE believer in the sciences and getting my kids interested in all that learning about science can do for your education. In addition to this show, we have a few more selections that we will watch:

Don’t get us wrong…we won’t be glued to the TV all summer but during down time it’ll be nice to watch some fun and educational stuff that I know we can talk about as they continue their schooling…and give us some added information when we visit all those museums during the summer.

Do you have some shows you like to watch with your kids to fuel their imagination and learn cool things? Tell me what they are in the comments below!!





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