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My husband and I are lucky to live in such an adventurous state like California. The best part is that where ever we go, the scenery is majestic and the experiences bring us close to together. We’ve spent days in Santa Barbara enjoying the city’s culture and beautiful walks along the beach. We’ve hiked through the amazing towering rocks and desert in Joshua Tree. We would treat ourselves to days in the sun and awesome nightlife in Palm Springs.
Most recently, we took an end of the summer trip to the mountains in Big Bear. It certainly isn’t considered the most popular time to experience a snow resort area but during the summertime, the mountains are just gorgeous and visiting The Village and checking out local events is a great way to spend a weekend.
Because the area has so much to see, the plan is to have a great camera to take it all in. A cell phone is great and all but to really get a feel of what to see and do where you vacation, you got to get a camera that can give you the best pictures.Link to Canon EOS Rebel T5I

Because we were on this trip with our kids, we had tons of great opportunities to take photos of our little guys. If you’ve ever been to Big Bear, you’ll know that the city is decorated with lots of bears carved in wood as well as structures in styles of log cabins. It’s feel is super cozy, even in 80 degree weather.

Armed with a great camera, maybe a basket for a spontaneous picnic lunch at the campsite by the lake and each other, my sweetheart and I can be prepared for a great moment up in the mountains. Even with our kids in tow.
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Do you have a great vacation moment with your significant other? Please share in the comments!!


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