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There are smells that will take me back to my childhood. Mostly food items; popcorn, funnel cakes, and cotton candy. Granted, there are a lot of different events that sell these types of yummy treats but to me, it all points back to when my parents took me to the traveling circus. 

It was our family routine to go see the circus. We would walk the path littered with hay and sawdust to a giant red and white striped tent. Once inside, we sat on wooden, wobbly bleachers that surrounded a circular stage. Dust and the aroma of the performing animals encompassed us as we impatiently waited for the ringleader. It was there I saw magic; magic I needed to be a part of. 

Because I wanted to be a trapeze artist but I was afraid of heights. 

Because I wanted to tame lions but I didn’t like the whip the tamer used. I wanted to train it like a pet. Like a giant pet cat. 

I wasn’t old enough to understand how things worked back then but oh, do I remember loving the circus. 

Times are different now. Circuses are different now but the magic remains and I want my kids to experience that magic for themselves. 

Luckily, The Ringling Bros Circus is heading to my city and their theme is OUT OF THIS WORLD!! I’m not really sure what that means but based on the photos I was sent, it looks AMAZING. 



And did you know that ice skating clowns are 50% funnier and 75% less scary than regular clowns. It’s true. I read it somewhere on a website so it must be true. 

So, if you are local to Southern California or planning to be in the area, join me and my family is seeing this magical show. It starts this week at the Staples Center and there’s a SPECIAL TICKET OFFER BELOW!! 

Then your kids will have memories of being trapeze artists when they grow up. 



Blogger’s Note: The Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus Company is providing my family tickets to promote the coming of their show to the Los Angeles area. All that stuff I said about my memories of the circus was true. I’m really looking forward to this show!!! 



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