Posted by on January 6, 2016

I look at my little boy and think to myself how much he has grown. My mind is constantly flooded with images of my little boy as he discovered the world around him *big sigh* 

Nope, he is not 3 anymore. 

It seems that reality hit my face like a cream pie during the holiday break. My son, my sweet boy, approached me with tears in his eyes. 

Mom, I’m thinking about inappropriate things. My brain keeps saying stuff and I know it’s not okay. 

Now, my first thought upon hearing his words were thoughts of hurting others..or worse. I cringed at the idea of what his answer might be to my next question…

Inappropriate things? Like hurting people??

No, Mom, geez. Like stuff about boys and girls.

Oh, thank GOD! 

I’ve been thinking these things for a while, Mom.  Am I in trouble?!? 

Before I continue with how our conversation went, I must communicate to you, dear reader, a little back story connected to this situation. When CP was 4, we caught him watching videos on YouTube of women with no clothes on. It was an accidental occurrence. The videos he was watching led him to stuff he shouldn’t watch. This sparked a serious conversation that led to firm voices from us and tears from him. As I look back on that incident, I can see why he thinks he would be in trouble now. 

But 4 years old is not 7 years old. 

His level of maturity has changed, not by miles but by millimeters. Still… 

He goes on to tell me that when he sees a girl on TV he thinks they are “H” or “S”. H is for hot. S for sexy. He doesn’t even want to say the words out loud. 

My head tells me not to think things. But it tells me to think things too. I think Raven is “S”. 

Raven. From Teen Titans Go. Really? Not Starfire?!? 

Mom!! This isn’t funny!

I disagree. It’s a little bit funny. 

After a long talk about boys and girls and finding people (and cartoon characters) attractive, I told him that all of this is a part of growing up. It’s perfectly natural and when he chooses to talk to me or Dad, we will always listen. It’s okay to think about people in that way but it’s not okay to act upon it, like touching someone in their private places.

Most importantly, he isn’t in trouble. At all. 

After a bit of cuddles and I love yous, he pulls away and takes the blanket I’m using and places it over my body.

New rule: You need to wear clothes that cover your “B”s, Mom. 

Awwww…. *smiley face* 

Wait a minute… 




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  1. baog3
    January 6, 2016

    OMG I love today’s post!! you are such an awesome writer! best of luck with what’s to come!

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