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Lists are fun. Personality tests are also kinda fun. What if I told you that I could pick the next great Binge-worthy show based on just a few personality traits? Even though the extent of my knowledge in psychology is only based on a couple classes in college and a BuzzFeed test, I think I could really help you…find the next show to watch. 
Let’s say you are an outgoing person. Loud. Funny. Loudly Funny. You like being the center of attention. You like making your presence known. You are kinda quirky.

If this is you, your next show(s) should be this

Let’s say that while reading this post you need a fix. Tequila, a smoke, something stronger…I’m not here to judge. I’m just here to give you what you need. Something like this.

Let’s say you are my daughter….Boom
You’re an 80’s kid deep down in your soul, right?
You have a lot of secrets, don’t you?
You could be my mother.
You are definitely not my mother.

In conclusion, there is a show on Netflix that matches your personality type. 

Trust me.




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