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Maybe the best stuff ever isn’t the stuff that’s planned. 

For instance, after picking up my two crazies from school, my daughter came into our bedroom where I was lying in bed. She had a look on her face that I read as frustrated towards her brother or hungry because she didn’t have time to finish her lunch. Her eyes were half droopy, half sadness and I mentioned that a hug would be in order. She silently agreed by her actions. 

We started out sitting upright, legs tucked underneath each other. I let her rest her head on my shoulder and I gently rubbed her back. After a few minutes, I released my arms but she remained fixed in her position, only loosening her grip to sigh, turn her head or hold my hair in her hand. 

In this embrace, I felt every feeling I’ve been dealing with for the last week. While I’ve remained quiet and withdrawn with my opinions, I have been depressed, anxious and deeply fearful. Not once have I expressed it out loud to my children. Not one time did I give the indication that I was feeling like I had turned myself outside in. I tried so hard to keep that from my family. 

But this hug, this embrace from my daughter was like seeing light at the bottom of a well. It felt like hope. It nurtured me. I was like being in church, one with no judgement and surrounded by understanding and unity. 

Yes, this hug was the mother of all hugs. 

For a few moments I thought that maybe she had drifted to sleep. Minutes past quickly as we cuddled together. Nothing but warmth and collective love between us. 

43 minutes. 43 minutes of embrace. Truthfully, I don’t remember doing anything for 43 minutes straight that I loved as much as hugging my daughter. I tried to think of a comparison but there really isn’t any. 

As she loosened her arms from around my shoulders, she asked if we could finish A Series of Unfortunate Events before dinner. Back to reality, I guess. Back to our routine. I was already switching my mindset to dinner spaghetti and where my notebook was pta meeting

Suddenly, those 43 minutes were in the past but I can’t forget how her little squeeze renewed me for a few moments. It healed my heart for a little while. I think it did the same for her. 

Today, as I dropped off my daughter at her classroom, she asked..

Can we hug again today?


Blogger’s Note: My kids really love the new show A Series Of Unfortunate Events. While its premise is dark and brooding at times, it is worth a watch. Hopefully, a good cuddle is all you’ll need to enjoy. 



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    February 1, 2017

    Beautiful post. ????

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