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Children who just spent the year in school do not have the concept of “summertime” just yet.
Olaf taught them nothing.

All they know is they are not in school and they had to wear a silly hat and hold up a piece of paper for all to see. 20140609-134824-49704897.jpg
Then they say goodbye to their friends in class with no way of knowing if they will be together in the next grade.
This whole situation is one, big ball of “huh?”. Right now, they can go swim and not take a bath, which is pretty awesome.
My kids are clueless on what, how and why summer is so freaking awesome. It’s 104 days of vacation from doing homework and class trips. It’s play dates and warm nights riding your bikes. Ice cream making and water balloon fights. To them, it’s not getting into the car with a backpack (for at least one of them) and not getting up at 6:15am (yet they still do that anyway).
How do I explain to them that this is more than just not going to school?
Daddy still has to work.
Mommy still has to work.
We stopped getting summer vacation decades ago. …sob….so they need to hear and re-hear that summer is the best time of the year.
Also, I’m living my summer through them so they need to get to some quick understanding.
Maybe a list of rules would help:


2) Always save room for ice cream (and share said treat with your father)

3) Lie on the grass and watch the stars. This is where you can eat that ice cream.

4) Sleep in. Have living room sleepovers. Watch movies with popcorn. Make s’mores in your pjs.

5) Have fun. Make memories.

Kids, get with the program. I need to re-educate you on a daily basis. 104 days, to be exact.
Because this video proves we have a way to go.




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