Posted by on August 24, 2015

Alright, let’s get out of bed! 

Breakfast is ready, let’s go. 

Cookies are not breakfast. 

Don’t even think about opening that cookie jar!

Every morning you ask me where your shoes are. Every stinking morning. 

Front door, your shoes are at the front door. 

Go brush your teeth. No, you didn’t do it. I can smell brimstone in your mouth. 

Hair brush is where? How’d it get in the toilet?

…I can’t even believe you guys right now…

Just get your shoes on!

Kittens are adorable, yes, but we don’t have time to watch cat videos right this minute.

Listen to me!! We have three minutes!!

Maybe if you go to bed when we say to…

No, you can NOT bring your new NERF gun to school. 

Of course, I’ll walk you to the line up area. 

People are not going to care if your hair is sticking up in the back!


REALLY, you have to go to the bathroom now?!?

Saying “I’m sorry” and meaning it are two different things. 

Tell me that you’ll listen in class and not get into trouble for talking too much again. 

Unfortunately, I don’t have the cash to take you guys to Target after school today. 

Very soon. We’ll go to Disneyland again very soon. 

Why are you walking without your backpack?!? Hurry!! Run back to the car!!

Xavier is saying “Hi” to you. Can you respond to him, please? 

Yes, I will miss you very much while you are in school. 

*Zealously runs back to the car to go stop for my reward at Starbucks* 




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