When My Kids Connect, it’s Pretty Awesome. 

Sep. 28, 2015 by

It is no surprise that my blog is nothing without my kids. Because of their personalities, my website is still running, I have a readership and followers. It’s all about

You’ve Been Given A Gift. And It Looks Like Some Naughtiness.

Jul. 4, 2014 by

So? I’m not crazy, right? My friend Kim laughed as I held up the object in question in front of me during our Skype session. That clinched it. I’m not

A Public Bathroom Announcement

Sep. 5, 2013 by

I told a story today. I didn’t use one single word. It all started after I picked my son up from his first day of Kindergarten. Those that follow me

I Don’t Know How To Play Cars And Other Lies

Mar. 24, 2013 by

When I found out I was having a boy, I started out with tons of “neutral” toys for his first year. I wasn’t in a big rush to introduce the