Because the Song Comes First… THEN Cake 

Sep. 30, 2017 by

Birthday songs and Cake. It was a good month.

The Best Kid Shows on Netflix (according to my daughter)

Jul. 31, 2016 by

Mom, did you see Word Party?  Mom, I want to watch Word Party! Mom!! Word Party!!  Once my daughter finds a show she likes, I hear about it… Over and

WWAW-The One Where I Don’t Mention Any Christmas Shows #Netflix

Nov. 30, 2015 by

Today is the last day of November. Tomorrow starts a whole new part of the years. The time when we are all overcome with red and green and joyful music

W.W.A.W.- 90’s Science Edition #NetflixKids #StreamTeam

May. 26, 2015 by

In this edition of What We Are Watching, we are getting all science-y, because science rocks!! (Har!! I got the Mom jokes!!)   As a youngster, you find yourself finding

This Chicken Comes With A Magical Price #NetflixKids #recipe

Sep. 23, 2014 by

Netflix did it again. I started binge watching another show. The show is Once Upon A Time and you’ll never look at your favorite fairytale characters the same way again.