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Halloween falls on a weekday this year and since I have younger monsters at home, our trick-or-treating time will be limited to only a few hours. Rightfully so as we really only need an hour to fill up their bags of candy for Daddy and me…er…them. 

For future reference, I’m a Skittles, Kit Kat, Swedish Fish kinda girl. Daddy will take your peanut butter and chocolate or mint chocolate anything candy.

So, we will get home tonight after filling our treat containers and while the kids go through their haul, I’ll go find something we can watch as a family. My current choices are:

  • E.T. (Halloween scene)
  • Goosebumps
  • Fantasia (Not really Halloween-ish but my kids haven’t seen it yet)
  • Hotel Transylvania 2

Probably no Walking Dead just yet. 

I’m assuming the candy sorting will keep them occupied for a while so the movie will be all me, maybe Daddy if he isn’t busy working in his office. And I just know as soon as I get cozy with my Pikachu PJs and my hot toddy, the knocking will start…and won’t stop. 

Normally, we will limit the candy distribution to 9pm because my kids need their sleep but if they are in their beds AND it’s only knocking because the doorbell doesn’t work AND I still have candy, maybe just maybe, I’ll be nice and go to the door.

I assume that this will be my evening: Sit, sip, KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK, get up, TRICK-OR-TREAT!!, pass out candy minus my Almond Joys, close door, sit down for 5 mins and repeat. 

Netflix was smart when they thought of this:


Next year, kiddos. Next year.

Wish me luck!



Blogger’s Note: 


Happy Halloween from me and the AWESOME people at Netflix. 

Keep screaming…er…streaming!






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