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After my mild obsession with House Of Cards, I couldn’t find myself able to start something else. Kevin Spacey has me by the throat. I’m his. And I love it.

I really, really, really fought watching Orange Is The New Black. Really. But last week, I caved. I caved and I’m not sorry. It’s a smart and raw show with humor. I’m still very early into the first season SHUT UP! so I haven’t decided who I love and hate yet. Stay tuned and I’ll update that for you OITNB lovers.

THEN the most amazing thing happened!!!
I received this:20140630-201340-72820241.jpg
Netflix sent me this OITNB tote (made by Land’s End) , the OITNB book, a squeeze chicken (not sure what the reference is yet) and some TURBO The Animated Series swag. My kids grabbed it out of the box right quick.
The headband was a big hit.

BUT NOW I CAN READ THE BOOK TOO. MY HEAD EXPLODED!! My journey is young but I’m ready to keep moving forward. Here I come, Piper.

SO, while I binge Orange and my children start the next season of TURBO The Animated Series and do some binging of their own, I only can think one thing….. Is Frank Underwood going to find out?


blogger’s note: as with all my Netflix posts, the words and thoughts are mine but the company did provide a year of Netflix and sometimes other swaggy stuff. I might be worried if Kevin Spacey shows up at my door though.




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WOOHOO!! You win at life and are now on my Christmas list!


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