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Sometimes my kids need motivation to get their chores done. There are days when a simple “Get it done!!” will suffice. Other times, there must be a reward. I know I work better when there is a reward. If it motivates them, I certainly motivates me. Especially if it involves my binge-watching shows.

If you are just like me, you can use my Netflix Motivation Task List to get your energy back to finish those pesky daily household requirements. These are my show motivators but choose to change it up to your preferences.


  • You just finished three loads of dirty laundry and now, you can fold the clothes while binge-watching Scandal. It’ll take at least a season to get everything put away. No need to rush.


  • You finished cleaning out your closet. You packed up a bag for donations. You found no skeletons lurking in there so your reward is a season or two of Pretty Little Liars. Go ahead, you can binge for the rest of the day wearing your most fashionable hoodie.


  • Your kids were running around the house and bonked into each other. You have on bloody knee to tend to with one and a goose egg bump on the forehead of the other. Congrats!! You earned 4 hours of Scrubs while they mend up in their bedrooms.


  • My last motivator is one all the back to school parents will enjoy. While the kids are soaking up knowledge in class, you can go back to camp…just for one day.

UntitledIf you aren’t motivated to move your butt and get cleaning things up by now, well, I don’t know what to tell you. It works for me. I love my Netflix motivators!!!


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Blogger’s Note: Another post brought to you by the Netflix Stream Team and my crazy ideas. IMG_3158.PNG



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