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I opened up my emails today to find this photo staring back at me. After watching the Diane Sawyer interview with Bruce Jenner, I can say that I cheered out loud upon seeing her transformation become public. 

She is now Caitlyn Jenner. She is no longer Bruce Jenner and she looks happy. 

Not knowing Caitlyn personally gives the disadvantage of really understanding her feelings at this point. If I could venture a guess I’d say there is a huge sense of relief. I’ll never truly know what she felt inside for so long. 

Social media has already shouted out their opinions about her official transformation:

…but the only opinion that matters to me is my children’s. How they respond to a man becoming a woman matters to me as a parent. It matters because I want my children to grow up kind and understanding, a trait that many adults still find hard to accomplish.


photo courtesy of Vanity Fair

So, I showed my daughter, Hallie, the photo of Caitlyn and asked if we could make a video talking about it. 

She said No. She claimed that she was shy today. 

So, I asked her simple questions that would allow as honest answers as possible. This is a small amount of our exchange:

Honey, I want to show you a photo. See this person?”

…yup, I said person….

Uh huh.

Do you think she is pretty? 


Do you?


Okay, what?

Just okay. 

So, you think she is pretty?

I guess.

Oh. Well, how about her hair and makeup? Is it nice?

It looks princess-y

Well, that’s something. 

I don’t like her bathing suit. 

Okay. That’s fair. 

And her….her arms are missing…

Actually they are behind her. 

She’s pretty. What’s her name?

Caitlyn. And Caitlyn used to be a boy. 

No she didn’t!!

Yes, she did. She was a boy and then a man but she felt like a girl deep down inside. Her brain and heart felt like a girl so she became a girl. It wasn’t easy but she’s happy now. I hope she is anyway. 

So boys can be girls?

Yes. Boys can become girls if their heart and soul feels like a girl. And girl can become boys if their heart and soul feels like a boy. You know what matters most?



I’m happy as a girl. 

Me too. 

She’s happy now? 

I think she is. 

This is how I want her to feel. Understanding toward those that make these choices. Gay, straight, bi, transgender, everybody. 

Human. Everyone is human first. 

And deserves happiness. 




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  1. Jeffery S Hall
    June 2, 2015

    Not one to normally comment but this dialog was excellent. It’s time to teach tolerance, after all, we are not all the same.

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