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I don’t even bother asking my kids what they want to watch on Netflix OR tell them when something new is streaming. 

They already know. 
For example: My daughter came home from school and told me FIRST THING that Zootopia was on Netflix. 

Mom, you know Zootopia is on Netflix, right? EVERYONE knows at school. <cue eye roll> 

Of course, they do. 

Kids talk. In fact, I hear more stories about Netflix from the kindergarten class that I volunteer in than any adult I talk to! 

And they ALL know that Disney is now on Netflix. 

I don’t know if you and your family have seen Zootopia or not but it’s a must see. It has all the elements of a Disney classic: fun characters, amazing animation, memorable quotes…

Life isn’t some cartoon musical where you sing a little song and all your insipid dreams magically come true. So let it go.” 

– Chief Bogo to Judy Hopps. 

But the message, ohhh the message, is one that kids and adults will carry with them. It’s an important one. 

The other thing that kids love, like our buddies Hopps and Wilde, is SELFIES!!! 

Photo courtesy of Disney

It seems only necessary to share our selfies like this one:

deer filter by Snapchat

Mom, you work with Netflix. Why didn’t you know that Zootopia was on??

Actually, I did know. But now it’s fun to watch my kids “discover” what is streaming. They get so excited so I know Netflix is bringing to Disney joy to my house!! 

Looks like it’s time to schedule another movie night! 


Blogger’s Note: I write, review and recommend all the awesomeness that is Netflix via their Stream Team. Who doesn’t love Disney movies?!? Thank goodness Netflix teamed up with Disney. It’s like having the theme park in my living room without the temptation of churros. 




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