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I’m going on my 7th year in this job I have. The interview involved some sexy time with this particular handsome stud I live with and the official “getting the job” involved a plastic stick I peed on.

Then, 9 months later, a screaming mini me came out of my lady bits. The final interview. The job was officially mine.

I am one strong ass woman but nothing prepared me for testing out my abilities like having a child…or two. I had to learn quickly what my strengths and weaknesses are. Like emerging from a bunker after many years, my life was starting anew. I could either freak out or stand tall and become unbreakable and I chose the latter.

Becoming unbreakable is not any easy feat. As a parent, you get tossed around and knocked down constantly.

Like handling two tantrums at the same time while battling LA traffic and spilling my coffee? Yes, I can!!! 

Writing in the dead of night for tomorrow’s deadline when my child has been throwing up for most of the day. You betcha!!

Holding my head up high when I realize my pants are see-through and I’m wearing my Wonder Woman underwear. I can!!!

Remain calm and unaffected when the words “I HAVE DIARRHEA!” are screamed out loud somewhere in the house. No problem-o!!!

You stand back up!! You breathe!! You grab the bleach, drink wine and move on!!

Even non-parents can do this. Take Kimmy Schmidt from Netflix’s new original show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.


She left behind a bunker but didn’t leave behind her spirit and determination. In the show, she gets beat down but she keeps rising to the challenge. Like a parent would. 

Right now, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is on Netflix and since the show comes from the same mind as MEAN GIRLS and 30 Rock’s Tina Fey, it’s a guaranteed comedic hit. Fey knows all about unbreakable spirits. She’s a mom. She totally gets it. 

So, grab your Unbreakable glass of wine and get to know Kimmy Schmidt. 

She understands you. You both have so much in common. 


Blogger’s Note: As part of Netflix’s Stream Team, I get to preview shows before they are released to the general public. All opinions are my own.



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