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I wasn’t trying to ignore him. It just sorta happened. 

My husband and I were at Disneyland creating memories for our 11th wedding anniversary, and by memories, we were standing in line at Splash Mountain trying to remember Matthew McConaughey movie quotes….you know, like all couples do. Alright alright alright.

I looked away for a minute and saw a female Disney employee alone with a cell phone attached to her hip. That’s weird, I thought, nudging my hubby to show him. We casually watched her as the line progressed and others joined her. Our view was blocked from other people walking by but then, I saw why this Disney employee was alone in front of our ride.

She was a private escort for Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli.

Now, if those names don’t sound familiar, you might not be watching Orange Is The New Black.


Samira plays the character, Poussey on the show and her partner, Lauren Morelli, is one of the head writers on the show. I was beyond elated!! Poussey was one of my favorites so this was a celebrity sighting worth all my giddiness. I don’t get giddy most of the time over celebrities. Living in Los Angeles most of my life, I have seen my fair share of famous actors. When I managed my Starbucks, it was frequented by a few celebrities as well. Rob Riggle, Virginia Madsen, Jim Caviezel to name a few. But Samira? She’s on one of my favorite shows to date and I was in awe. Girl crush awe.

My husband showed little interest as I rambled omg omg OMG OMG under my breath. I tried my best to stay focused on him but I was giraffe-necking around the area to get one more glimpse of Poussey. 

Once we were at the gate to get on the ride, I saw the Disney lady waiting at the exit “She’s on the ride!” My husband smiled at me as I acted like a 5-year-old meeting Mickey Mouse. I knew it would be a long shot for me to see Samira and her group again so I let it go in my heart but not my head. 

Me: “Why take a chance on going to Disneyland with people like me? I would just ruin their trip with all my sly stares and whispers.”

Hubby: “She probably doesn’t care. She just wants to enjoy herself like us.”

My poor husband. Clearly, my focus was not on him. Happy Anniversary, darling! Pfft. 

We continued on with our day as we had planned. Late lunch at Blue Bayou. Is she here? Is that her? Oh, maybe not. Oooooo, chocolate mousse! Riding California Screamin’ because we don’t have our kids with us. There she is. WALK FASTER! Enjoying cocktails at The Cove Bar next to the waterfront and reminiscing about our last anniversary here. Waiter, if there is an employee walking around with a celebrity at the park, are they paid extra or is it just a special privilege? 

After our drinks, we were getting tired and needed a pick me up before going on the ride, Soarin’. We ordered coffee and I ditched my husband for a restroom break. I was finally refocused on our day and vowed to be a better date to my loyal long-time partner but when I approached the area where he stood, he said:

She just went inside the bathroom




Her escort is right there (pointing 20 feet away). Be COOL!

But if anything, I haven’t been cool all day. I’ve ignored my husband pretty much since I saw my girl crush celeb so it was either SHUT UP OR SHOW UP. 

I watched as they exited the bathroom and as they walked in front of us, I blurted out…


WE ARE NOT STOPPING RIGHT NOW!!!, said the Disney escort lady. 

I paused. 


My heart raced as I thought about what I just did. I stood there feeling stupid and foolish. I should have just stayed quiet.

Suddenly, Samira stepped back from her group, looked at me and with her hands clasped together, she gave me a sweet silence bow and mouthed thank you.

Inside my own body, I passed out. 

Hubby looked at me and said “We good now?” I hugged him tight and told him that it was all worth it. Okay, I shouldn’t have ignored my husband for a celebrity but he’s been with me for over 14 years and married for 11! He knew what he was getting into when we exchanged rings. “For better or for worse, even if the worse means crazy antics over a famous actress.”

So, Samira…where ever you are, thank you. Thank you for indulging in a 44-year-old woman who stopped your day just to tell you that you are amazing. My husband says he likes you too but maybe next time, try not to visit Disneyland on March 17th. He kind of wants it to be our day. And sorry for all the stalking. oxoxo.

P.S. I’ll be impatiently waiting for June 17th.


Blogger’s Note: As a writer for NETFLIX, I talk about shows and movies that I think you all would enjoy. As you can see, this post took a different turn from my normal promotional pieces. I hope you enjoyed it just the same. oh, and FYI, celebrities DO pay extra for an escort inside the park. Because you need someone to verbally keep away the crazies…like me. 🙂 IMG_3158.PNG



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