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It has been a long road of resume distribution and interview calendaring. I’ve been emotionally spent trying to figure out what I was going to do (outside of blogging) and it’s hard to drown your sorrows when your alcohol budget is $5. But by the grace of whichever deity grants employment, I snagged a job this month and damn, I’m freaking grateful!! So grateful, in fact, that I’m acting as though I’m on the job when I’m at home. 

Now, my position isn’t one of paper working or computer tasking that can be brought home and worked on. What I do requires a radio, learning codes and a phone to call in emergency vehicles. 

I dispatch for the city Park Rangers. Kinda like the 911 dispatch that you use for your town but on a much smaller scale. And yes, it’s really challenging and awesome. ????

Since I’ve only started my position a few weeks ago and I’m still in training, my head is constantly in work mode. 

Kids!! What’s your 10-20? 

Boy: Our what?! 

Me: Your location. Where are you? 

Girl: I’m pooping. 

Me: So, Hallie is in the bathroom. 

Girl: How did you know?!?

Maybe I’m doing it on purpose so my kids can learn the codes as well. Like a second language. 

Me: Conner, I’m 10-12 to my car to find my wallet. 

Boy: I’m gonna 10-12 to the kitchen to get a snack. 

Me: Roger. 

Boy: I’m Conner. 

Me: No, I mean 10-4. 

Boy: You are making this stuff up. 

Sometimes I just feel like messing with them. 

Me: *eyeing my son* Seems we have a 925 here. 


Me: How did you know that 925 meant “suspicious person”? 

Boy: It does?!? I’m suspicious?!? 

I’m sure I’ll calm down soon and separate work and home. But for now, it’s kinda fun. 

Me: Hallie, can you write out your name for me? Henry, Adam, Lincoln, Lincoln, Ida, Edward

Girl: Mom, that’s super annoying. 




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