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I was one of those parents. The parent that started out breastfeeding and then things changed (and then kept changing). You don’t need to know the details but let’s just say, I’m glad I did. I felt awful, at first,  but I warmed to the idea because I was feeding my kid and we were both dealing with less anxiety. And things were joyful. We all need more joy, don’t you think?
If you ask me if I would do the same thing again, the answer is a huge thunderous YES. A “yes” because my kids were able to bond with all of the family members!! Not only did I get to watch the sweet glueyness that my son had with my husband but I could see it with my mom, dad, mother-in-law and aunties. When my daughter was born, my toddler son would feed my baby girl…and it was glorious. It made our little tiny family feel monstrous with encircling love.

Now I know that everyone says that their kids are smart but…my kids were born smart and matured to mini geniuses. They took to games and puzzles like maniacs and yes, I’m totally boasting. Please forgive me, but I’d like to think that because I let go of all my worries and guilt and allowed both my babies to bottle feed, I made a conscious choice to open up their opportunities for greatness. Both kids walked before they had turned 1 year old. They were alert, responsive and crazy cunning. They would just figure.stuff.out. It was nutso. I can’t even explain it. 
The one thing that kept bottle feeding from being as convenient as breastfeeding is that I had to go out to get the formula. While that wasn’t an awful problem, the idea of running errands with an infant (or later on, an infant and a toddler) was met with mixed emotions and lots of calls to Daddy to pick up the baby juice on the way home. 

Luckily, there are sites like that can help parents load up on necessities like enfamil formula and other products. 

So, if you even slightly feel guilty about going full bottle feed over breast, please take my story into consideration. My kids are smarty smart smart. Breast, bottle. Potato, Potahto. 

Smarty is as smarty (and less anxious) does. 





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