Posted by on December 24, 2016

Here it is, Christmas Eve again. 

Just yesterday, it was Thanksgiving or the first day of the school year or Fourth of July. In other words, I can hardly catch my breath as the days jet by and my kids, oh my sweet kiddos, grow like tiny skyscrapers. 

I sit here, reflecting on the past year.

I hope for a blessed new year but maybe it will be what it is; another year. A year like all the others full of ups and downs, left and right turns and above all, scary situations. I hope there might be less fear and more courage. 

I hope that this year brings health to all but I know that reality will bring illness and hurt. It’s not pessimistic, it is life. What I should be hoping for is internal strength to power through the sadness and be a role model to my children. Our memories help us heal. 

I hope this year may bring wealth to us but I know deep in my soul that the riches I have are the things that I need to make it through each day. Not to say that a little less stress about bills and having money for emergencies wouldn’t be nice. However, I know I’m not alone. I’m just grateful for what I do have.

I’m hoping for a positive change in our world. That I hear less about bombings and terrorist attacks. That families aren’t separated by war. That when I tell my children that we should have hope because there is good out there in the world we don’t see because it’s not newsworthy. I hope they remember those words as they continue to learn about our world. 

I hope that we heal; in our faith and our hearts. Our society has been living like pieces of broken glass; sharp in our words, painful to our skin, scattered without merit. Hopefully, we can be put back together through our actions and our desires to be better, do better. What an amazing window we could become, reflecting the light for future generations. 

I hope. 



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