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I know that I have talked about Zerorez for a while now. I’m not lying when I say that I believe they are an amazing company. But now I’ve come to my favorite post out of all three that I’ve written for Zerorez.
This is a chance for me to reach out to my local readers for their input about their favorite Southern California non-profit organization. Through MinorMiracles, Zerorez will come to that office or facility to clean up and make to a healthy environment. This can help in many ways but one in particular is what a clean environment can do for morale and show pride in the organization.

Here is so addition information about #MinorMiracles and Zerorez’s connection;

Zerorez SoCal Minor Miracles
Minor Miracles is a program Zerorez SoCal has developed to help deserving organizations or individuals. We regularly choose individuals or organizations that we feel need a lift, and we clean their home or offices for free. We have noticed that helping provide a clean, healthy environment is greatly appreciated by recipients and gives them a psychic “boost”, and it also allows us to be a part of our community by improving the lives of those we touch with our “minor miracles”. Suggestions for “minor miracle” recipients are informal but greatly appreciated, and recipients are generally non-profits or individuals with specific needs or challenges. Some of our previous “minor miracle” recipients include:
Working Wardrobes offices and showroom – helping the homeless train, dress, and apply for employment.
U.S. Veterans offices – Provide apartments for veterans who are homeless and seeking a new start
Women’s Shelter of Huntington Beach
Mother’s Day Program (10 deserving moms provided cleaning service, recipients to remain anonymous) One winner filmed here
Family of five teenagers who lost their father to a heart attack (recipients to remain anonymous)
Whitehouse Restaurant of Anaheim – over 500,000 free meals provided to homeless “motel” kids

Click here.
And nominate your favorite non-profit that would benefit greatly from this opportunity. Your input helps Zerorez and #MinorMiracles reward these non-profit for the wonderful work they do everyday.

Thank you!!




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