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In a few days, we will be watching our son say his final good-byes to his very first teacher. I know I’ll be looking back on this milestone as being a huge challenge yet we walk away with so much good to look back on fondly.
I wanted to sum it up in a letter that I’m writing to his teacher as my way of thanking her for all she has done for my boy…and us too. I only hope it translates exactly what this year has meant to us.
Here is the letter as if it was in my son’s voice…

Dearest Teacher,

Since I’ve been in your classroom, my small world grew a little larger. I was scared and shy and honestly, I still am. But I will be walking away to become a first grader with some important lessons that you helped teach me.

When I would trick my mom into thinking I had blood on my skin from a bad cut, you taught me that using BBQ sauce or ketchup is much more realistic than a red pen. Because science and stuff.

Thank you for teaching me the correct way to do something that is important.

When I would eat dinner, I used to leave my plate and napkin for my mom to clean up. Now I remember to put everything away and even remember that my plate doesn’t go in the trash with my napkin. My parents are happy to not be digging through the ick as often as they were before.

Thank you for teaching me about responsibility.

Before when I wanted my mom to get me something to eat or drink, I would whine about it. Now, I get things myself or wait until my mom is done using the restroom to ask her for juice.

Thank you for teaching me to be more patient.

Before I was in your class, I would ask for anything that had sugar in it for breakfast or dinner. Now, I won’t let my mom pack me granola bars in my snack anymore or eat the donuts if my dad gets them in the morning. However, if it’s a Saturday, the Lucky Charms are fair game.

Thank you for encouraging me to eat better. Even if it’s just at school.

Before being in your class, my parents were always around giving me hugs and kisses in public. They still do that but we have an understanding…although, my mom often breaks the “no kissing” rule.

Thank you for helping my parents to not helicopter so much. Believe me, it’s a big improvement.

My parents and I learned quite a bit from you throughout the year. Since it was the first year of Kindergarten for all of us, we discovered many things about ourselves. Thank you for all of it.

I…um…we were all blessed to have you as our Kindergarten teacher.

Love your student (and his parents),

my kid signs here….

We were blessed indeed. Thanks Mrs. W!




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  1. Lynn Morrison
    May 26, 2014

    Aww, so sweet and I’m so happy to see you back writing. Give yourself, your son and his teacher a pat on the back for a job well done.

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