Posted by on December 29, 2016

Recently, I was wearing my cool  NETFLIX shirt out in public and someone stopped me.

I LOVE NETFLIX!! What shows are you watching right now?!?

I panicked. With all the holidays and kids at home and my family making plans, I’ve COMPLETELY dropped the binge watching ball. I mumbled an answer of ” Oh, I’m just watching FRIENDS in a loop. It’s been so crazy lately. Bwahaha!! What shows are you watching?!?” That’s right.  I just turned the attention to you, nosy stranger. 

I admit it…I’ve been a terrible role model. My skills as a binge watcher have been novice at most. Slacker, is what they should call me. I need to regroup and readjust my priorities. Maybe there should be a Binge Anonymous where we talk about our shows and are encouraged to get back to the couch with chips and a robe.

It’s time to get back on track with my shows. I jumped off the train but I left my seat warm. Here’s a few things that I need to play catch up on: 

  • I LOVE Kevin Spacey’s portrayal as the corrupt President Underwood on House Of Cards but I haven’t seen anything pass the part where him and Claire aren’t yelling at each other. I hear I 
  • In Stranger Things, something exciting happened after the kid’s sister’s best friend falls into the pool and disappears. I don’t know what that exciting thing is!
  • Once Upon A Time I knew what was happening with the dark swan.
  • It’s pretty Scandalous that I’m at a loss over Olivia’s affair with the Prez.
  • I hear Black Mirror is hauntingly amazing.  Like a modern day Twilight Zone. 

I feel like an imposter wearing this shirt

  • THERE ARE 6 seasons of Shameless but WHERE WAS I during each premiere episodes?! Nowhere important , I tell you!! 

Dear reader, I believe I have failed you. You come to me for support and understanding during your binge watching needs and look at me. Big ol’ slacker me.

If you are watching ANY OF THESE SHOWS, send me a message. I need to play catch up RIGHT NOW!! I need you, fellow bingers! 

I’d like to where my shirt again with pride and a plethora of shows to recommend. 







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WOOHOO!! You win at life and are now on my Christmas list!


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