Posted by on March 31, 2017

Two things are discussed in this post. What my kids needed to see and what I had to binge during this past month. Here is my story…

*cue law and order BUM BUM sound* 

It all started with my Netflix app notifications. 

Yes, I get notifications. 
Of all the shows listed, the only ones I cared about were the first two: Season 3 of HTGAWM and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? 

The only way I could get to binge through season 3 is by hiding in my room and/or getting my kids occupied. For one day, I had Roger Rabbit. My kids went crazy for the “live action crossed with animation” film. My daughter tried to be a little like Jessica Rabbit but I asked her if she wanted to marry a rabbit when she grew up and that ended her Jessica Rabbit dress up moments quickly. Besides, some rabbits are murderous. 

After my one day of Who Framed distraction, I had to rely on the kids’ hours at school and their bedtime to fly through the series of Viola Davis’ genius manipulation and murderous gumption. 

It took me three days. 

Now, I know who killed Wes. ?? but it still haunts me. Viola still haunts my soul. OMG THAT SHOW IS BEYOND CRAZINESS!!! 
So, this month put another iconic kids movie in my children’s memory slot and I got all the murderous scandalous goodness behind a locked door with nothing but bottled water and Cheez-it’s. 

I can’t wait for next month’s listings!


Blogger’s Note: This post is based on suggestions by Netflix and my own crazy desire to binge shows I love. Take my recommendations as you will. 



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