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When I order flowers for anyone, I suffer from anxiety. More times than not they aren’t what they look like in the photos. There’s a upsale for a vase or double your order or ADD A CUTE BEAR!

If I wanted a bear, I’d order through the big brand toy store.

So, I’m scared to order and spend ridiculous amount of cash for something that will not be as it appears on the website. I’m not the only one. Scared and pissed off people everywhere have the same fears. Fears that prompt stories like this.

The Bouqs Company contacted me and asked if I liked flowers.


How about flowers in exchange for a review?

Sure…….but based on past experience, I planned on being brutally honest.

Bouqs didn’t give me a sales pitch on their website, so to speak. It wasn’t BUY THESE AND GET THIS FREE!!! It was full of flowers. Beautifully organized and wrapped bouquets. Quirky names.  And pricing? Reasonable. They don’t cut the flowers until you order. Fresh from farm.

Wait, hold on. This guy can explain it SO MUCH BETTER!!

So they provided me a code to order my BOUQuet. I got the “Treasured” It had Elegant Mini Calla Lilies in Pink mixed with Pink Roses. Pink roses. Sigh.

I think they maybe my all-time #2 favorite of all the flowers. (Stargazer lilies will always be #1) Roses by themselves are classic and beautiful but when they are pink I’m in awe. Here’s how my delivery went…in photos. (Sorry you can’t smell them.)






They really are so beautiful.


Don’t take my words and pictures for it. Check the box below and order your own. Nothing fancy or unnecessary. Just flowers. Gorgeous flowers.


The Bouqs - Premium Farm Direct Flowers 



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WOOHOO!! You win at life and are now on my Christmas list!


  1. Faerie Barista
    July 4, 2014

    Oooo so pretty

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