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OMG!! We are finally taking our vacation! We are not quite prepared to hop on the plane just yet but TRUST ME we will be soon. We have our house sitter, our fish feeder, and all our expected postage on delay. 

A little background… this trip is way beyond the we need to get away” sort of holiday. Our family will meet my husband’s family from Hawaii for the first time. THIS IS HUGE. I’ll meet my father in law, aunties, cousins and my kids will meet their grandfather. Not sure if they will call their grandfather papa, pop pop or tutu but we are all so very excited. 

I’m not implying that we will be watching Netflix the whole time but there is the flight time and waiting for our flight time and waiting for our rent a car time hanging out at the gate because we will show up hours early to get through security and …you get the point. Kids get antsy, hell… I get antsy, so this can help smooth that wait time a bit. 

Today, our choices to download Trolls, Pokémon :XY, Pokemon Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages, Episodes 5-10 of THE Crown (so good!), and trying out a few episodes of Black Mirror (because of its Twilight Zone feel). I’m going to give them a 24-hour countdown to download enough viewing material to get us TO the island. Between this and a few reading books and some drawing materials, we should be golden. The flight is what we need our entertainment for so what could be more awesome than downloading shows we want to watch to our devices and making our air time “fly by”. 

Sorry, that was way too many airplane puns. 

So, lots to do. Packing, laundry, more packing. In case you didn’t know you can DOWNLOAD SHOWS TO YOUR DEVICE TO HAVE DURING EXTENDED PERIODS DURING TRAVELING then it’s a good thing I wrote this post, huh?


Happy downloading!


Blogger’s Note: This will be our first experience downloading shows from Netflix to our devices. I’m so freaking stoked that we can do this that I could kiss a politician. 



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WOOHOO!! You win at life and are now on my Christmas list!


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