Posted by on September 2, 2016

You. A rapist freed from jail after 3 months of a 6 months “sentence”. 

Is there anything more disappointing?

Not really. Especially not for the lady that you raped. She’s still trying to live a somewhat normal life after you destroyed it with your 20 minutes of action. 

But, you know what Brock, you are out of jail now so it’s time for your real punishment. I don’t mean your probation. I mean your life sentence in the eyes of the world. 

You shall never have a normal life again. You may have a place to live now and food on your table but your world is no longer in your control. You’ll be hunted down. And when I say hunted I mean both physically and verbally. People will try to kill you with their words. Heaven forbid you try to leave your home. There are a lot of pissed off people that want blood. Your blood.

So, you better get ready to skip out of town at a moment’s notice. I’m sure a petition has been circling to get your family kicked out of your current neighborhood because No one wants to live near a rapist. 

What about your future? Shit, you don’t have a future. 

Your schooling? Probably not gonna happen unless…Nope, probably not going to happen. 

A job? Not unless you change your name, social security number and have a complete plastic surgery makeover. Even an online one will require personal info. 

Girlfriend?? Oh please. No one is gonna fuck you. Ever. 

You’ll live with your parents until they die. You’ll become a hermit. It’s a good thing you can order food and toilet paper online. You might want to stock up. 

As for your victim, she’ll be unfairly punished for the rest of her life as well only her punishment isn’t room and board on the government’s dime. 

Her punishment is living constant fear and reliving that night in her mind forever. 

She didn’t do anything but briefly engage with you. If she “teased” you, so what?? If she “tempted” you, so WHAT? If she looked in your general direction, she STILL did not deserve her punishment. What she deserved was justice and she was punished by the judge. And her sentence is for life, you son of a bitch. 

Are you fucking hearing me right now?!? 

So, this is your punishment, your sentence. A life that is not a life at all. No freedom, no peace, deemed the most hated individual on the planet. AND IT IS STILL NOT ENOUGH. 

As for us, the women of the world, we will be standing outside your door with pitchforks. Watching your every move, protecting our young daughters from you and other entitled assholes like you. 

You may not be able to see us but I promise you, we are there and we won’t be leaving anytime soon. 




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