How I Ignored My Husband On Our Anniversary.

Mar. 31, 2016 by

I wasn’t trying to ignore him. It just sorta happened.  My husband and I were at Disneyland creating memories for our 11th wedding anniversary, and by memories, we were standing

When Something Important Goes Missing. 

Feb. 19, 2016 by

I married my husband based on love, our mutual understanding on how to raise children and his ability to remind me of Matthew Perry’s character on FRIENDS.  (Yes, that last

California Likes Big Balls and They Can Not Lie.

Aug. 11, 2015 by

Unless you have been living under a giant rock, you are aware that the state of California has been in a major drought for several years. As a Californian, I

What To Expect When Preparing For a Colonoscopy

May. 25, 2015 by

As you are reading this, I’m probably going through the worst part of a colonoscopy… The preparation. What most people fear about this procedure is the actual doing it. Thinking about

How To Become Self Deprecating Over A Stupid Dress

Oct. 3, 2014 by

I dropped my kid off today. Just like yesterday. Just like every week. I’m either awake enough to change clothes and put on some makeup or I’m heading out the