Honest Thoughts About Size, From a 9 Year Old. 

Feb. 16, 2017 by

He’s 9 now and, frankly, I figured this would about be the time when my son stopped talking to me about his day to day adventures at school. You know,

What To Expect When Preparing For a Colonoscopy

May. 25, 2015 by

As you are reading this, I’m probably going through the worst part of a colonoscopy… The preparation. What most people fear about this procedure is the actual doing it. Thinking about

Donations Of The Awkward Kind

Nov. 14, 2013 by

Underwear. It’s for wearing For my kids, it’s for running around the house and laughing in. To place old underwear in our donation boxes makes me think of pervs at

Wordy Wednesday

Oct. 1, 2013 by

I could do the picture post and give a sentence about the who, what and whys but I decided to be different and ask my Facebook page fans to give

Like Coffee? I’m Your Bot

Feb. 11, 2013 by

Since my top ten search referrals are typically about coffee, I thought I’d give this q&a site a try. Send me your questions about all things coffee and I’ll answer