We Are Downloading Our Favorite Shows Because VACATION!

Jul. 31, 2017 by

OMG!! We are finally taking our vacation! We are not quite prepared to hop on the plane just yet but TRUST ME we will be soon. We have our house

Know-It-Alls, Selfies and Words That Stay With You. 

Sep. 30, 2016 by

I don’t even bother asking my kids what they want to watch on Netflix OR tell them when something new is streaming.  They already know.  For example: My daughter came

How Star Wars Has Taken Over Our Lives…and Holidays. 

Nov. 25, 2015 by

Hallmark has sent me back to their store for a Round 2 of goodies. This gave me a chance to expand my itty bitty collection a bit more (If you saw

Making Those Magical Holiday Plans

Nov. 19, 2015 by

In September, I start preparing for how I want the holiday to go. I shop early. I plan early. I make lists. But first things first, I schedule how I’m

Your Smile, Even More Brilliant #review #giveaway

Feb. 11, 2015 by

I’m so excited to write today’s post!! You guys are gonna love this!! I was contacted by the amazing people at Smile Brilliant to try out their product, review it