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Not sure about you but before I binge watch, I grab the snacks. This month, Netflix sent us a care package full of baking awesomeness so this was my “snack” during our weekend of binge watching. Because cake. P.S.: My cake above was already Dino destroyed so please forgive me. 

But not just because cake. Cake is the by-product for celebrating and in about a month we’ll be celebrating my 6 soon-to-be 7 year’s old birthday. 

And Netflix came to the rescue by making me the raddest parent ever. 

By going to your Netflix account and typing in “birthday on demand”, you can get one of several popular animated characters to sing a birthday song to your littles. 

That’s correct, ma’am. 

See photo below:

Dude. Your child will be sung to by Pikachu or a Ninjago LEGO character. SERIOUSLY?!? 

For. Serious. 

So, now I can make cake and have my daughter hear her favorite My Little Pony sing to her. Winning so much all over the place. 

Try it out for yourself and while you are enjoying your accolades with cake and animation magic, make sure to catch all your favorite spooky and fun HALLOWEEN shows on Netflix including THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS!! You know, the movie you start watching in October and continue to put on repeat until after Christmas. 

Or wait, is that just me? Pfft.. Can’t be. 

Blogger’s Note: Netflix REALLY SENT ME A CAKE MIX AND FROSTING and it was remarkable. This #StreamTeam thing is beyond epic. 



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WOOHOO!! You win at life and are now on my Christmas list!


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