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Summer is here. School is almost through. I’m in planning mode. What are we gonna do for 12 weeks.

Play outside…a lot.
Go to the library.
Play board games
Have water fights
Have play dates

that should get us through the first two weeks….

Buuuuuutttttt…..when mom needs to write or clean house or sip some mommy juice, I can start up movie theater and my kids will chill for an hour or so.
What’s better than fighting kids?
(Besides anything?)
Chilling kids. Eating lunch, watching a movie and having popcorn.

Netflix and popcorn are staples in our household. They “can not” watch a movie without it. They roll dice to see who gets to pick first movie. If I’m lucky, they make it through a movie and a half and I have finished 3 posts and scheduled them! Or the kitchen is clean, dinner is prepped, the toilet is less toilet-y.

Lately, their favorites have been:20140530-191006-69006923.jpg

Hoodwinked 2 and Ghostbusters 2.
We watch those every week. Then we have Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 and Free Birds.
(my husband is rewatching HOUSE!)
Spider-Man (The Animated Series)
Batman Beyond
LEGO: The Adventures of Clutch Powers.

They sit down, eat lunch (turkey wraps with carrot sticks and watermelon) and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Then we head back outside and burn off the calories before dinner!
Netflix saves us again!



Blogger’s Note: I’m given a year of Netflix in return for my fun and awesome posts about the service in my home. Now, if you’ll excuse me, Batman Beyond is on.



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