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The Academy Awards are this weekend and while I say that I don’t get all kinds of giddy, that’s a lie. I do get giddy. I like seeing the clothes (Notice I didn’t say just dresses). I like seeing who wins (whether or not they were my choice). I like cheering for the movies I’ve seen and loved. Of course these past few years have been more “I only know the movies in the BEST ANIMATION category. Thanks, kids.” then “I saw that one and that one…oooo..I HOPE HE WINS!!!“. 

I know that not every movie or actor is Oscar-worthy but sometimes those that make that determination are either spot on or are complete blind to the talent on screen. It’s sad, really. You’d think it would keep me from watching. It doesn’t. I’m not a part of the boycott this year

And then there are the movies that I’ve loved and can’t ever forget. Oscar winning talent that helped create something special on the screen. Thanks to Netflix, I can watch some of my favorites and very worthy Oscar winners all over again. 

Here is my go-to Oscar winning movie list:


To Kill A Mockingbird: Best Actor-Gregory Peck. 

The Quiet Man: Best Director-John Ford


On The Town: Best Music and Best Score

Good Will Hunting: Best Screenplay- Ben Affleck and Matt Damon/ Best Actor- Robin Williams

Training Day: Best Actor-Denzel Washington

You can watch these for the first time or 68th time on Netflix right now.

Especially if you get upset that your current favorite nominee gets the snub. leo_dicaprio1_300_400







Blogger’s Note: I’m blessed to cover new shows and great films that are currently streaming on Netflix. Since I have the Oscar fever right now, you bet I have gold statues on my mind. Enjoy!Netflix_StreamTeam_Badge



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