Vacationing With The One(s) I Love. #TargetWedding #Sponsored

My husband and I are lucky to live in such an adventurous state like California. The best part is that where ever we go, the scenery is majestic and the experiences bring us close to together. We’ve spent days in Santa Barbara enjoying the city’s culture and beautiful walks along the beach. We’ve hiked through the amazing towering rocks and desert in Joshua Tree. We would treat ourselves to days in the sun and awesome nightlife in Palm Springs.
Most recently, we took an end of the summer trip to the mountains in Big Bear. It certainly isn’t considered the most popular time to experience a snow resort area but during the summertime, the mountains are just gorgeous and visiting The Village and checking out local events is a great way to spend a weekend.
Because the area has so much to see, the plan is to have a great camera to take it all in. A cell phone is great and all but to really get a feel of what to see and do where you vacation, you got to get a camera that can give you the best pictures.Link to Canon EOS Rebel T5I

Because we were on this trip with our kids, we had tons of great opportunities to take photos of our little guys. If you’ve ever been to Big Bear, you’ll know that the city is decorated with lots of bears carved in wood as well as structures in styles of log cabins. It’s feel is super cozy, even in 80 degree weather.

Armed with a great camera, maybe a basket for a spontaneous picnic lunch at the campsite by the lake and each other, my sweetheart and I can be prepared for a great moment up in the mountains. Even with our kids in tow.
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Do you have a great vacation moment with your significant other? Please share in the comments!!


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Summer Cocktail Ideas For A Rocking Labor Day Weekend

I give you the video that has changed everything I know about hosting a Summer drinky-poo Party.

Since I’m not hosting one this weekend boo I give you some cool ideas and things you can do to bash up your bash.

Let me know how it goes!! And be responsible!!


Remembering Robin Williams on Netflix

It took a lot to get to this point. After spending days watching other writers and bloggers talk about Robin Williams and his untimely death, I didn’t think I could add anything relevant to the already stellar blog entries and newspaper articles.
But maybe I could.

To know Robin Williams and understand why he was so loved, you have to watch him be an actor. Find one of his many movies and see before your eyes the genius only he knew how to create. From his ability to switch up his voice and character like a bolt of lightning to his deep and profound warmth that would bring you to so many tears everywhere.

Williams was your favorite uncle or your crazy grandpa. He was your dad, your loopy cousin or he was your class clown brother. He was relatable and lovable and seemed oh so approachable. You could touch the screen and feel as though you were holding his hand as he felt inside your heart. He could feel his audience when he performed, it was obvious. Our laughter was his gasoline, his helium, his carbohydrates. He fed off us and maybe he thought he was nothing without us. You and I know that it was us that was nothing without him. His presence, his joy; it was all infectious. He was our drug and we were addicted. To quit him would mean years of rehab and losing a chunk of our hearts.

Many comedians tribute their successes to other comedians that they’ve admired from the past. But what about those non-comedians or notquiteactors? The everyday man will raise his children watching Hook or Jumanji or Patch Adams. College kids will have to view Dead Poets Society and Good Will Hunting as a prerequisite. My babies have watched Mork & Mindy and, thanks to Robin, can now sit upside down on the couch. Our world has more love and laughter in it because he was here. He breathed life into us with his works.birdcage

Go to your TV or local cable provider and find his movies. I know that Netflix has quite a few and has highlighted them for a quick search. I, for one, have added many of his movies to my “list” to watch. I enjoyed The Birdcage just this past weekend and my kids and I are going to watch Popeye again this week.popeye

Whatever your opinion is on Robin Williams’ passing, this blogger looks past how he died to his life before he died.

I believe his genius will live on as we share with other generations. Just as it should be.


Blogger’s Note: This post is one of the many I write for Netflix and today’s was a lot more about the actor and not the movie subscription company. But I think I got my point across. If you are looking to binge watch some of Robin Williams famous movies, Netflix is the way to go.



All The Reasons Your 3 Year Old Is Mad At You.

I remember when my kid was cute and environmentally flexible. She would do as I asked and behave so well in and around company.

Then again, she was about 1 back then.

Now, she’s 3 going on 4. 3 going on STOP BEING UPSET ABOUT EVERY LITTLE THING 4.

Kids aren’t easily adaptable. We all know that. As time goes on, their behavior isn’t based on a fact that they are a-holes. It’s based on the understanding as they don’t know what the hell they are doing yet. At one, things are cool. There’s walking, eating solid foods, everything’s a toy, you get cuddled and held a lot. Life is freaking sweet. But then…their bodies change. Not like puberty but then kinda like puberty. Baby puberty minus the pubes and change of octave in their voices. It rears its head at 2 and then it’s like a beast at 3.

It’s the hormones before hormones.

Because they don’t understand why they get mad or sad or pissed at you, I asked the most knowledgeable people I know if they could give me the reasons why their Threenager’s head was spinning and spewing pea soup….my Facebook page followers:


 “Life, breathing, food, mom, dad, siblings, pictures, Dora, Frozen, Aladdin, school. air, water, heat, cold, ANYTHING!!”-Chris

“Everything!”- Heather

“The no word”-Anabel 

 “Your existence. My existence. And pretty much everything else.”-Holly 

“Sleepy, hungry or sick.”-Tonya


“Running out if cereal…or milk. That will make anyone grumpy.”-Sally



“The unfairness of being a misunderstood 3 year old child.”-Shea

“Being short! or is that just all short people?”-Melissa

“Running out of tokens at Chuck E. Cheeses unannounced!!!! Usually he gets a countdown/warning…..and I wasn’t paying attention.
Sorry Bub! Once we’re out, we’re out!”-Rachel


“I can’t tell you. My phone is only at 97%.”-Sarah

“My presence.”-Melissa

Anything & everything.”-Jaida 

“People breathing. Too much yogurt. Not enough yogurt. Too hot. Too cold. Stop looking at me. I don’t like that shirt. Why won’t you let me wear dirty clothes? Water is too wet. Wrong episode of Blue’s Clues. Time to go to bed. Time to wake up. Don’t want to nap. Not enough candy. All the bacon is gone. Picked the wrong undies. Put water in the blue cup. Wrong colour of straw. Not allowed to lick the cat. Not allowed to lick me. Not allowed to lick the floor. Not allowed to lick the shopping cart. Light is too bright. Now it’s too dark.”-Shelley
“Not blowing all the seeds off dandelions. Toys, of any kind. The sun. Paying attention to anything or anyone other than them. Food touching. Straws. Condensation off of drinks. Paying attention to anything or anyone other than them.”-Jodie


Well, can you argue with that?






She’s Jealous Of The Treadmill.

I think my daughter tried to kill me.

Maybe not kill me but occupy all my time which means the same in 3 year old brain.


But my daughter said Eff you, Mom.
Eff you and that big monstrosity in the living room that you won’t let me or my brother play on.

Her brother is back in school and she has me all to herself. Playing with toys, sitting side by side with her “school work”, baking and cooking,
just her and me. The Dynamic Duo. Just The Girls. Me and Mini….um…Me.

And speaking of mini, I’m not so much anymore.
I’ve gained approximately 30 lbs as I’ve been dealing with chronic pain these past few years and while I’m not overweight, (my BMI is still okay) I don’t feel good. I’m not strong and am exhausted most of the time. It’s been easier to sit and play LEGOS than go take a walk. Because of this, I’ve had to make a decision. Put exercise into my day to day life or be unhealthy and miserable.
During my alone time with the girl, I’d squeeze in a walk or run, depending on her neediness. In the beginning, she was cool. She’d play about a foot or two away from my machine. When she wanted something, I’d ask for her patience until mommy finished with her current lap. Most of the time, she would respond with “Okay, Mommy”.

But today, she wasn’t having any of that business. Despite our homeschooling activities and getting her toys down so she could play while I started my workout, the little jogblocker reached over and flipped off the switch.
While I was in mid-run.

I did a notsograceful skippity-step and planted both feet on the sides of the machine and I think, after I regained a regular heartbeat, I yelled at her. She gave me a sheepish look. That type of look that says yeah, that was intentional but I didn’t really want to hurt you…are you hurt, Mommy?!? Since I believe in my heart that she’d never meant harm, I got off the treadmill and apologized. We hugged and tickled and I smothered her in sloppy kisses.

You don’t like the treadmill, do you?

She shook her head.

it’s okay. You don’t have to like it but it’s going to help mommy get healthy again. I need to use it more often and that’s going to take up some of our play time but I’ll still able to do things with you. Promise!

Okay, Mommy.

Now, is it okay to flip off the switch when Mommy or Daddy is on it exercising?


It’s really not, sweetie, and super dangerous. I could’ve been hurt pretty bad. Let’s not do that again.


After more cuddles and kisses, I went back on the losingmylbs machine and she went back to telling Flynn Rider to be nicer to Rapunzel. In other words, back to our routine. Hopefully now, she will see that nothing can take away my time with her.

And I won’t think she’s trying to kill me again.
Until the next interruption that affects our playtime. Like binge watching.