Halloween Humbug: Please Spare us the Cute BumbleBee Babies.

I adore Cordelia of Multilingual Mama. When I asked for some snark regarding Halloween (which I love), she was the first to come calling. Here is her guest post about saving Halloween traditions for when your kids are a bit older. Read it all because she brings up some REALLY GOOD POINTS about Halloween with little ones. Oh, the horror….

Of all the holidays we must partake in, I think parents with kids aged newborn to five-yr-olds should simply opt out of Halloween. First off, most of us don’t believe in ghosts but for those of us who do, what kind of dire mojo are we exuding since we want to scare spirits away? Our neighbors over in Mexico put on a feast and a party for their spirits, which sounds like a lot more fun to me.

At the risk of being a massive party pooper, here are my top five reasons to delay celebrating Halloween for as long as possible:

1. Sacred Sugar: This is a holiday specifically aimed at purchasing and consuming as much refined sugar as possible. That I would even need to explain why this is a bad idea boggles the mind.

2. Sugar again: They can’t (or shouldn’t) eat (bucket loads of) sweets. And by most mommy pages I read, we are all trying to lay off the sweets too so why collect four or five pounds of the stuff only to feel shitty every time you pop a mini-mars or handful of candy corn in your mouth?

3. Costumes: I am not saying babies don’t look cute dressed up as little pumpkins but here’s the thing: babies look cute wrapped up in a dish towel. Why add to the insane holiday consumerism, waste of natural resources, and potential superfluous spending on a costume you’ll probably use once, maybe twice?

4. Conserve Energy:
Save your enthusiasm for when it counts. You are going to have plenty of years to dress the kid up and traipse them from house to house so conserve your energy and costume creativity for a time when they will actually remember it. You will also need energy when they are creating their own costumes, either begging them not to scare the toddlers of parents who didn’t read this post with scary ghoulish masks or begging them not to dress up as the not-so-snow-white turned hooker to the seven dwarves.

5. Tears NOT of joy.
Let’s say your neighbor pinterest-crafted some fruit juice gummies and you inherited a free second hand costume. And in lieu of ambling around the neighborhood collecting compliments on your darling lady bugged offspring (Shhhh but they are just being polite and really couldn’t care less), you decide to meet up for healthy-ish playdate with cute friends in costumes to take pictures for Grand-ma and grand-pa.

Behold the tears and tantrums. People may have looked at me funny for bringing my kid dressed as herself but she was the only one who stayed dry-eyed and smiling throughout the festivities. Meanwhile, little Susie and Samatha, whose parents were insisting on just one picture with the pumpkin or buzzing bee hat, issued blood curdling screams suitable for a Nightmare on Elm Street.

This has been your Public Service Announcement from the Halloween Scrooge over at Multilingual Mama.

Find her at Multilingual Mama and among the amazing writers at BLUNTmoms


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Because She Calls It “GoodMorning”

She lives in the moment. The positive. She can teach me a thing or two.
Like how NOT to be worried about the future as much as I do. I know it’s my adult duty to sit in silence and frown with concerns but she not aware of those type of troubles just yet.

Take, for instance, how she discusses the morning time. She never uses “early morning” or “morning time” to describe the beginning of the day. IMG_3282.JPG

She says “it’s the ‘goodmorning’ ” One word. No separation here, my friends.
While morning is explained by the sun rising, the appearance of fog covering the streets or the brightness of light as we weave in and out of school traffic, she adds the “good” part as if we all do. Even though we don’t. Some of us usually don’t as often as maybe we should.
I noticed this just last week as I pushed through a crazy, busy schedule. Work, blogging and visiting family made me not see the “good” anything. I didn’t ignore the “good”, I just didn’t see it in front of me. My good. Life, family, love.
But she sees it. It’s all she knows. Morning equals good therefore goodmorning exists.
We all could take a pause and remember that any morning that we awake with loved ones and our life is so damned good.

And because my three year old said it.


My Girl Is All About The Bass. #AllAboutTheBass

I never Vine but I guess I should Vine more. It’s kinda fun. :)

This was posted today and I sent it to the Ellen show

Who knows? Maybe B.N. will go viral.


How To “Knott” Be Scared #CampSpooky #sp

Blogger’s Note: Knott’s Berry Farm provided tickets for myself and my family in exchange for this post. Although it is sponsored, the fun we had, as proved in the photos below, was entirely real and super awesome. Thank you Knott’s of Southern California for this opportunity!


I know it’s Halloween and all but my kids don’t want to be frightened. There are walking dead people shows all over the TV via commercials, movie trailers for scary doll feature films, and other frightening  After all, they are young. Zombies and the like are a bit much right now for them.
Luckily, we received an invite to Knott’s Berry Farm Social Media Event to see just how Halloween-y yet not too scary that Knott’s is for the little ones.IMG_3153.JPG
During this month at Camp Spooky, the little guys and gals can participate in fun activities created just for the ghoulish holiday. When we arrived, we were escorted to the Grizzly Creek Lodge for a yummy and quick breakfast (courtesy of the event). In the restaurant, they had set up a witch-e-rrific brewing station for the tiny goblins.



There they stirred up yummy potions (made from Kool-aid powders).

Each child got a potion vial with a sticker to describe their magical elixir. A spell book was a handy tool to tell each potion maker what they created. My kids LOVED this activity and gave me great ideas for future Halloween gatherings.



Next, we were invited to participate in their costume contest. My Tinkerbell and Captain America were dressed and ready. 

As they lined up the kids to walk on stage, their favorite characters, like Lucy, were dressed up for the festivities. The characters were the judges and each child received a ribbon for being in the contest. Three costumes were chosen for a bigger prize but I think they handled well. It’s pretty hard to see someone get a prize that you think you deserve. Frankly, my kids were resilient. They had rides to go on!!



Knott’s had many more things to do and we just couldn’t do them all!! There was a Monster Maze with candy treats at the end. Spooky interactive photo opportunities all over Camp Spooky. You can create your own unique monster creation in the Mummy’s Manor. You can wander through the mysterious mirrors of Medusa’s Bug Boutique filled with real creepy crawlers. Bring your friends to the Witch’s Tea Party and warm up near the cackling cauldron.

I’m so glad we got a chance to go. And even more grateful to have met the Burbank Mom and her kids (which my children fell in love with at first sight as you could probably tell in the photos above!)

I encourage you to visit the Knott’s Berry Farm site and found out why NOW is the perfect season to buy a 2015 Knott’s Season Pass. Easy Pay payments. (9 payments for $8.50 each!!!)





We Can’t Give You Everything But We Will Give You Everything We Got.


I’m writing this to you now even though you won’t see it until you are well into your teen years. As least, that’s my plan. Since you are (almost) 4 and 6, I’m not ready to say it to you now. But I will write it all down.

I want you to know that our desire for you is to never want for anything. But my dear children, that might not be the future plan. We aren’t rich. We’ve made mistakes. We have a little money now but it took us a long time to get here. We can provide you with things now as you grow older (like clothing) and have wants (like toys) but even those items are carefully budgeted and accounted for. We just can’t give like we planned. Plans change. Our plans have definitely altered more than we wanted them to.
During this current state of our family life, we have tried to do our best to teach you the value that money has. What it can do and what it can’t. Or won’t. We don’t want to teach you that money brings happiness. Being financially comfortable is nice. Being strapped for cash is life affirming. We believe you should understand both situations well and, even more so, that we are still so very fortunate during our worst times. Many people don’t have what we do and as little as we have during this period of our life, we can afford to give to those who have less than us. And we will choose to help when we can.
We can’t teach you to understand that. You have to want to help others and we hope that you decide to do so.

All that being said, we will give you everything else that we have. Everything that we can give you is yours. We won’t need much down the path of our older years. It may not be a lot of money in an inheritance but hopefully you’ll be okay with what we can save for you.

In the meantime, here are some of the things we can provide now..

Undying love: You were in our dreams and we loved you. You were conceived and we adored you. You were born and we couldn’t get enough of you. You breathe life into our souls everyday. Our love for you is limitless.

Support: Whatever your dreams are…No matter what it takes… we got your back. Just know that we can only do so much financially so if it’s really your dream, you’ll find a way. We will help as much as we can.

Understanding: You could tell us you are a bisexual, transgender, bilingual, squirrel trapping, meth-dealing, opera-singing reporter for FOX news and we couldn’t love you any more than we already do.

Protection: “Taking a bullet” for you doesn’t even describe how devoted we are to keeping you safe. It goes beyond measure. Beyond feelings. Above and beyond. It’s dangerously dangerous to any person who causes you harm. We’ll probably go to jail. I’m so not kidding.

An Open Door For a Continuing Relationship:This one might sound a bit strange but hear me out. At one point or another, you will not like us. Fact. You will down right hate us. You’ll know more than us so you think and we will fight. We will argue. We will be in silence. Through it all, I will love you harder than I ever have before because I’ll wait as you develop and grow inside. Years will go by and we will see eye to eye again. It won’t be pretty but I know it’ll happen. That door to come back together will be wide open. I promise.

There are many more facets to why I would write all of this. More than I can explain. You must live through all of “it”. But Dad & I will be here. We stood before our friends and family to commit to each other but that commitment extended when you both came along.
For better, for worse. You have us.
And we will give you everything we can.