There isn’t anything funny about a relationship ending. Any relationship.

It’s fine to say it wasn’t going to last or there was too much against them . It’s tragic to know that others were involved. Another lover. A family member. Their children.

None of it is funny because tears are shed and hearts are broken. The once bowed rainbow is cracked and falling to the ground. It bleeds the memories of what kept it together to begin with. There is no treasure at the end. Not yet anyway.

I’m watching a relationship move into the nether. It sits and burns at every angle. No one is safe. Everyone is harmed and hurt. Not enough words were said. Not enough volume in the voices to be heard.

Being on the benches as this event unfolds is like being encased in glass. I want to scream, slap and hit and it’s not my fight. These are two friends, two people I hold dear. Members of a extended family without the messiness of common blood.

I feel as though I’m moving through their turmoil in a parallel state. They are untouchable. It’s not my place.

All I can do is write. Write and feel pain for them. Hope for them to move past this place to one where those involved, their children, can heal. These wounds will scar over, I know that. They know that. But this place now is still burning in the nether.
The fighting is done. It’s time to just escape and be free.


Dear One-Upper, Shut Up and Listen To Me

We are having a conversation. It’s casual. It’s mutual. We discuss the past weekend and that my weekend kinda sucked and then I mention that my side/back is so much better than it was 3 years ago and….
And then you cut me off. Your stomach was awful you say and then you were in the hospital and did you mention that the throwing up it was soo bad and that you were gonna die and…and… I…well…

What the hell just happened?

We were having a good conversation like many times before but it was no longer a back and forth tit for tat. It became a you conversation. And some more of you. And then you you you YOU YOU YOOOOOOOOU!!
You kinda suck.

Stop. Doing. That.

Stop. Doing. That.

I’m here, right in front of you, giving you my undivided focus. Eyes locked and ears listening. You got me. I’m present in this discussion.
Attention is being paid.
But now, you’ve lost me. I’ve mentally left this conversation over the narcissistic, dramatic dribble that you are vomiting from your pie-hole. I thought of your hole that eats pie just now because you mentioned that when you eat pie, it bothers your stomach. However, that’s all I caught during your insane rambles.
Come to think of it this seems to be a pattern with you. As I recall we had a conversation just a few weeks ago and I mentioned the terrible service I had at certain department store but the service that you received was WAY worse than the one that I had like 1 million times worse like it’s almost like they shot you with arrows as you walked in the door because for some reason your receipt was missing two numerals and you couldn’t seem to get the refund of two hundred dollars that you spent there just two days ago. Really.
Actually, that’s probably not verbatim. It might’ve been three numerals.

Maybe you were an only child. Maybe the opposite is true and you were one of 19 kids like on a crappy TLC reality show. No one listened to you. You had to speak up, speak out, speak in a flood of one-uppers that made more people roll their eyes at you then hang on your every word. I was raised as an only child, practically. I had my parents attention, for the most part. When I was younger, I created stories and embellished to get more of their attention. After a while, I realized that I could just talk and be me. There was no need to try and make the conversation more exciting or full of unnecessary emotional turmoil. You create that drama. and guess what, no one wants to hear it.
And now, here I am, wanting to talk to you, with you, but not the “you” you are right now. I’m not interested in you trying to manipulate the conversation. I want to engage. You listen to me and then, in return, I’ll listen to you. That’s what being a friend is about. Just.talk.to.me. I don’t need to be impressed by you. I already chose you as a friend and it wasn’t because of what happened to you in comparison to what has happened to me. I’m your friend despite of that.

Dear One-Upper, please stop it so we can talk and listen like friends do. Together.


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Vacationing With The One(s) I Love. #TargetWedding #Sponsored

My husband and I are lucky to live in such an adventurous state like California. The best part is that where ever we go, the scenery is majestic and the experiences bring us close to together. We’ve spent days in Santa Barbara enjoying the city’s culture and beautiful walks along the beach. We’ve hiked through the amazing towering rocks and desert in Joshua Tree. We would treat ourselves to days in the sun and awesome nightlife in Palm Springs.
Most recently, we took an end of the summer trip to the mountains in Big Bear. It certainly isn’t considered the most popular time to experience a snow resort area but during the summertime, the mountains are just gorgeous and visiting The Village and checking out local events is a great way to spend a weekend.
Because the area has so much to see, the plan is to have a great camera to take it all in. A cell phone is great and all but to really get a feel of what to see and do where you vacation, you got to get a camera that can give you the best pictures.Link to Canon EOS Rebel T5I

Because we were on this trip with our kids, we had tons of great opportunities to take photos of our little guys. If you’ve ever been to Big Bear, you’ll know that the city is decorated with lots of bears carved in wood as well as structures in styles of log cabins. It’s feel is super cozy, even in 80 degree weather.

Armed with a great camera, maybe a basket for a spontaneous picnic lunch at the campsite by the lake and each other, my sweetheart and I can be prepared for a great moment up in the mountains. Even with our kids in tow.
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Do you have a great vacation moment with your significant other? Please share in the comments!!


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Summer Cocktail Ideas For A Rocking Labor Day Weekend

I give you the video that has changed everything I know about hosting a Summer drinky-poo Party.

Since I’m not hosting one this weekend boo I give you some cool ideas and things you can do to bash up your bash.

Let me know how it goes!! And be responsible!!


Remembering Robin Williams on Netflix

It took a lot to get to this point. After spending days watching other writers and bloggers talk about Robin Williams and his untimely death, I didn’t think I could add anything relevant to the already stellar blog entries and newspaper articles.
But maybe I could.

To know Robin Williams and understand why he was so loved, you have to watch him be an actor. Find one of his many movies and see before your eyes the genius only he knew how to create. From his ability to switch up his voice and character like a bolt of lightning to his deep and profound warmth that would bring you to so many tears everywhere.

Williams was your favorite uncle or your crazy grandpa. He was your dad, your loopy cousin or he was your class clown brother. He was relatable and lovable and seemed oh so approachable. You could touch the screen and feel as though you were holding his hand as he felt inside your heart. He could feel his audience when he performed, it was obvious. Our laughter was his gasoline, his helium, his carbohydrates. He fed off us and maybe he thought he was nothing without us. You and I know that it was us that was nothing without him. His presence, his joy; it was all infectious. He was our drug and we were addicted. To quit him would mean years of rehab and losing a chunk of our hearts.

Many comedians tribute their successes to other comedians that they’ve admired from the past. But what about those non-comedians or notquiteactors? The everyday man will raise his children watching Hook or Jumanji or Patch Adams. College kids will have to view Dead Poets Society and Good Will Hunting as a prerequisite. My babies have watched Mork & Mindy and, thanks to Robin, can now sit upside down on the couch. Our world has more love and laughter in it because he was here. He breathed life into us with his works.birdcage

Go to your TV or local cable provider and find his movies. I know that Netflix has quite a few and has highlighted them for a quick search. I, for one, have added many of his movies to my “list” to watch. I enjoyed The Birdcage just this past weekend and my kids and I are going to watch Popeye again this week.popeye

Whatever your opinion is on Robin Williams’ passing, this blogger looks past how he died to his life before he died.

I believe his genius will live on as we share with other generations. Just as it should be.


Blogger’s Note: This post is one of the many I write for Netflix and today’s was a lot more about the actor and not the movie subscription company. But I think I got my point across. If you are looking to binge watch some of Robin Williams famous movies, Netflix is the way to go.