W.W.A.W. The Dragon Trainers Edition #NetflixKids #StreamTeam 


How To Train Your Dragon was an instant favorite with my family. We loved the story of Hiccup and his dragon, Toothless. Since we’ve seen both feature films, we knew the story behind Hiccup, his village and his friends. Their many adventures have been recreated over and over in our house. 

So, our newest show to binge out to is Dragons: Race To The Edge, the animated series based on the How To Train Your Dragon films that takes place in Hiccup’s life between the first and second movies. In others words, before he meets his Mom.  Since Netflix sent our family a goodie box of H.T.T.Y.D. swag, we’ve been having days of Hiccup and Toothless play! The photo props from the show were exciting enough for my kids but it wasn’t my favorite item. Check out the treats from the Dragons lunchbox. 

Who’s up for a dragon themed party?? 

Just grab some cheese chips and corn cones and the kids will be their own awesome dragons!! 

It’s been a lot of play dragons…watch the show…play dragons…watch the show, etc. 

I highly recommend the new series Dragons: Race To The Edge to watch with your kids. If you are a fan of the movie, you’ll really enjoy the series! 

Blogger’s Note: As a member of Netflix’s Stream Team, I watch the shows and give my feedback. I tend to only write about the ones my family and I love the most. Of course, my opinions are my own. And sometimes, my kids will put in their two cents. 

I’ll Always Be a “Mommy in Training”

I’ve finished my elementary schooling. Middle school…. High school. A lot of college courses too. But it wasn’t until that white stick showed me a pink plus sign that I saw what it was like to get an entrance letter to parent university, the most difficult facility of higher knowledge.

My schooling was about to start and I was nowhere near prepared. Talking about becoming a parent, reading up about being a parent, even taking courses in child-development did not prepare my brain, body and soul for what was ahead of me.

I’ve been a mommy for 8 years now, including the time my tummy was growing to the size of a frozen turkey and my boobs were becoming ohsoamazing. During my pregnancy, I was getting educated, how to handle the trials and tribulations of morning sickness, losing sight of my feet and, my absolute favorite, not being able to shave my legs because I could no longer bend that way. 

But it was when my little ones were born. The first born had me taking quizzes all the time with his cries, his habits, his pooping schedule. Everyday was a test and it was pass/fail. I didn’t always pass but I learned. I learned A LOT! By the time #2 came out of me, I was repeating most of the material but she would throw me a pop quiz in there once in a while. My scores were getting better this time around and sometimes I got a little bit cocky, thinking I had it down. I even tried to share my new information with the other moms I knew and I learned real quick that there are two types of M.I.T.’s out there: The ones that think they know all the material and never want a study buddy and the ones that are willing to listen to your advice and will decide to use it or figure out their own study plans accordingly. 

Neither type is perfect. 

No one gets straight A’s

Now my kids are 4 and 7 and they are the greatest professors I have ever had. They have taught me more about what it means to be a mom and a human being than any textbook could. I’m constantly learning from my children and I am grateful that my education will continue for many more years. I’ve messed up. I’ve failed many tests.  I’ve  not always made the right choices. In fact, I’ve been the parent whose had to deal with a fussy toddler at a restaurant and not taken them out as quickly as I could have. Despite learning from that situation (and so many others) , I know that there are more challenges with every new age and phase my kids go through. Many more quizzes. Many more passes and fails. 

There is no graduation day because you never stop learning. I’ll never see a diploma at the end of all the experience I gain. Only the satisfaction I will receive is leaving this world knowing I did right by my kids, my family and by myself. 

It’s the best training program I’ve ever been a part of. 


A Letter to Those Guys in Magic Mike XXL

Dear Mr. Tatum and your fellow, beautiful manfriends, 

I’m writing you today in response to the media’s cruel comments regarding your opening weekend. 

You must ignore all this negative press. I say just shake it off and hear me out.  

Your movie was not created in vain. It has a purpose and I’m going to explain what it is right now. 

Yes, your movie was created to excite many women (and men) with your hunky beefcake and gyrations and allow moms who have had to listen to their children whine about seeing inside out spongebob Cinderella FROZEN OMG SO MUCH FROZEN to get their much needed adult good time escape. Let’s be clear. I understand that’s why you made this film. That and make money. Yes. Yes indeed. 

But what you may not realize is that many of us women (and men) had to deal with so much 50 shades of NOTHINGABOUTTHISBOOKORMOVIEISSEXYORHOT promotion, plugging and craziness not to mention STUPID sex toy fetish crapola that the anticipation for your movie was more than many of us could bear. Oh man, please don’t keep us waiting like that again. You may think it’s teasing but it’s clearly just torture. Something we absolutely don’t like. It’s abusive. 

So, never fear. We will come to see you boys. We have looked forward to watching y’all for MONTHS. It’s just that we had Fourth of July events and children to spend time with first. We had to get those obligations taken care off. You understand, right?

Plus, We don’t care for pretty abusive playboys. We like men who dance around and then take off their clothes. We believe in the simplicity of arousal. Shake your money maker. 

We’ll bring the money. 

With our love and devotion, 

This Momlady and many, many, many of my friends. 

I Have a Strong Planetary Love For You!!

Sibling love comes in layers. I don’t believe that the layers are many but I do feel that when the love is strong, even in pure innocent form, there is no true measurement. 

It just is. Love. Innocently. 

When my children were in the back seat of our car this weekend, there was the usual back and forth Bothersome Game. He hit her. She slapped back. He cried and whined. She fussed and complained. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. 

Instead of the usual I’ll give you two something to cry about!!! speech, I decided to take the high road. So, as my husband and brother-in-law chatted up in the front seat, I looked at my kids and said:

You guys love each other, right??

“Yes”, they said in unison 

Of course you do.  Conner, would you want anyone to hurt your sister?


Hallie, do you want someone to hurt your brother?


But it’s okay for you to hurt each other. 

In stereo, their voices objected to that concept. Clearly, they know it is not okay. 

Because you guys love each other.
Hallie, how much do you love Conner?

She spread her arms out as wide as the car seat would let her. 

And Conner, how much do you love Hallie?

C: I love her to space. 

H: I love him to my heart.

C: That’s not a lot, Hallie!

Now, wait…she believes it is.
Hallie, you could say “to space and back”. That’s pretty far. 

C: I love her to the moon, to Mars, and to the Earth!

H: I love him twice to Earth!!

You mean, around Earth?

H: yeah. That. 

C: I love her to the last planet. 


The last planet?

C: Yes, I love her to Uranus and back. 

Purely innocent. Neither one of them understood the vulgarity of the comment because it was stated out of pure innocence. I didn’t want the memory to be about what he said but by how they playfully tried to out-do each other the amount of love they had as siblings. It was the message about how they really do care for one another. 

That’s what I wanted to focus on. 

Conner, that far of a distance is a huge showing of love. Hallie, you should tell Conner thank you. 

H: Conner, thank you for Uranus. 


W.W.A.W. Saving Up My Ramen Packets #Netflix #StreamTeam

In this post for the Netflix Stream Team, there are SPOILERS FOR ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. Be aware. I don’t want any hate mail.


It has taken me forever to start posting again and it’s all Netflix‘s fault. Actually it’s Piper’s fault. The 3rd season of Orange is the New Black has time-sucked days away from my life and I have zero regrets. It has left my head spinning with so many questions…

  • Stella. What her fate on the show now that she goes to max.?
  • Alex. Is she dead???
  • Red and Healy. WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN NOW??
  • Crazy Eyes. More of her, please!!
  • SOPHIA!!!!!!! (Please be okay. I adore you)

The time waiting for Season 4 will drive me insane. It feels like when I was into LOST and couldn’t wait for the next season because cliffhangers SUCK!

Are you watching? You should be. It’s more than sex and drama. It’s emotional. At times, it’s haunting and beautiful. Honestly, it’s indescribable. 

Netflix is really cranking out the awesome with shows like Orange is the New Black, House of Cards and my husband’s new favorite Senses8. He says it’s really unique and how they intertwine the characters is pretty awesome. 

In the meantime, I’ll be saving up my ramen packets. If that statement makes no sense, you better go catch up with OITNB pronto!


Blogger’s Note: I continue to write posts for Netflix as a member of their Stream Team. That’s how I got those awesome candles posted above. The perks are pretty sweet!