What If Your Elf On The Shelf Was Buddy the Elf? 

I know it’s not even December yet and I’m gonna get slaughtered for even bringing up EOTS stuff but I have to rant. 

I want a Buddy. A Buddy the Elf…on the Shelf. 

I mean, our Elf is fine, I guess. Her name is Dawn and she serves her purpose but the amount of Christmas cheer from her doesn’t even compare.  
Here she sits…watching over us and waiting to “fly off to report back to Santa every night”. Like a holiday Big Brother. Meh. 

Or we could have an elf like this…

…that responses with outbursts of delight of the very idea of seeing Santa….

And talks about his love for sugar, tells amazing stories and burps like a pro (which would delight my children to no end)! 

But my favorite would be his appreciation for coffee…

Here’s what I’m gonna do:  

I’m gonna try and make this happen. Hashtag: #BuddyisMyEOTS. 


A Super Short Thanksgiving Post (from my Guest Blogger, Hallie)

Hallie, it’s Thanksgiving today. What are you thankful for? 

My brotha. 

Anyone else? 

Not today. Maybe I’ll thank more people tomorrow. 

And this has been a super short Thanksgiving post from my guest blogger, Hallie. 

She also draws. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! 

How Star Wars Has Taken Over Our Lives…and Holidays. 

Hallmark has sent me back to their store for a Round 2 of goodies. This gave me a chance to expand my itty bitty collection a bit more (If you saw my last post, you’ll know that we are using the itty bittys to add excitement to our month of December.) 

I had to add C3PO, Han Solo and Princess Leia omg they are holding hands to my gaggle of itty bittys. I also picked up a couple of their Cubeez boxes to put gift cards and other goodies in. What a fun way to wrap a gift without having to wrap. Check your local Hallmark to see which ones are available in your area. 


But my favorite part was adding this toy to our Holiday collection. I’ll let Hallie will tell you all about it:

It certainly not too late to visit your nearest Hallmark and grab the latest goodies for gifts and surprises. 

Let me know if you do!


Making Those Magical Holiday Plans

In September, I start preparing for how I want the holiday to go. I shop early. I plan early. I make lists.

But first things first, I schedule how I’m going to create some holiday magic for my children. 

First, I must shop. Since I have a Hallmark Gold Crown card, I head to my nearest Hallmark store to get my holiday items. It requires several hours to make my decisions. C’mon, it’s HALLMARK!! So many of their items are collectible. All of the items are adorable. Many of them are very affordable!! 

I found these money/gift cards holders. Tuck-a Bellies, they are called. I’m thinking Secret Santa for work!!

My family has one of the original singing Snowmen sold by but this one with the cookies and the baker. So sweet!!

I have many pillows to decorate my couches but this one that says This HOME Believes might be my new favorite!   
Since I work for the city in dispatch, a radio to the North Pole belongs in my house. It relays several holiday messages for your children to hear throughout the season. I think it needs to come to work with me…

But after all was said and done, I had to make a decision. Here’s what I got to help celebrate the holidays in our house: 

I’ll be updating my blog with the photos of the itty bittys. I think this will be our newest holiday tradition!! 

Happiest of holidays to you!


Many thanks to Hallmark Gold Crownfor sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to try out their newest holiday items!!! 

Ready or Not, The Force Awakens #StarWars

 Have you seen it? Of course you have. How could you not?? The world has gone Star Wars crazy as of recently due to the newest SW movie. The movie trailer hit You Tube on Monday of this week and the Internet has soaked up as much of the hype as possible. 


Remember last year when every kid was dressed like Elsa? Step aside, Frozen…there’s a new Halloween costume boss in town.  

Anything and everything Star Wars will saturate your life for the next 12 months…or longer. It’s like it is 1978 all over again. And 1982. And 2005. Even when things are bad (I’m looking at you, Jar Jar.) it’s never so bad that people will turn their back on the franchise. 

So, if you haven’t jumped on the Star Wars bandwagon yet, go find a friend who owns the DVDs and buckle down for some binge watching. 

A few things to be aware of: 

  • Storm troopers can’t aim worth shit. 
  • Harrison Ford is perfect in every way possible. 
  • Gold bikinis are super hot. 
  • Droids rock but I’m biased. 
  • You don’t have to love it and…
  • Yes, special effects vs CGI does matter.


If you have not seen the new trailer, click below and get ready for awesomeness. 

I have some cool theories on the lead villian and who he is/could be but it’s best you message me directly so we don’t ruin it for others. 

Find me at my Facebook page. Let’s discuss theories together :)