Hut One and Watch This!! #Netflix #Football #SuperBowl

It’s getting close to Super Bowl time. Which means it’s time to watch (or re-watch) some of the classic football movies of all time. These are a few choices I’ve selected to watch with my kids ( monitoring the cursing, of course) with the hope that they can appreciate how awesome sports movies can be. Plus it might get you fired up for watching the game on Sunday afternoon.

That way if your team doesn’t win, you can get some good feels in from the ending of, let’s say….



A household favorite. If you haven’t seen this underdog movie about football, you are missing out!!! GO IRISH!!!!



The lead character is more school nerd than school athlete. If you loved Dawson’s Creek, give this movie whirl! Bonus: one of Paul Walker’s best performances.



I’m not giving you any clues about the storyline! Just watch it!! I highly recommend!! Cuba Cuba Cuba!!!



Any movie that brings the high stakes, hard work and huge payoff to the table is one I have to watch. Oh the feels. Prepare to cry and cry.

So, what are you watching before the big game?? Let me know in the comments because I LOVE RECOMMENDATIONS!!!

Here’s to a good game!!



 Blogger’s Note: I’m honored and privileged to be a member of the Netflix Stream Team, especially since Netflix is on 24/7 in my house. I watch and recommend to you. You watch and sign up for lots and lots of months of Netflix. everybody wins.


My Mommy Rules According To My Kids.

So, this just happened.

I got told. I kinda got scolded. I was sat down and told the business.
Wtf? I didn’t even do anything!!!

My children have told me that they have new “mom” rules for me since I got upset the other day. I was cleaning and re-cleaning the same spot. I had the vacuum in one hand, a bottle of crisp white in the other. This must have triggered something in their heads to lay down the law.
I didn’t see Daddy getting any rules…


1). No crying during commercials that make you sad. We think you are really sad and that makes us feel bad.
2). Never use our bathroom (aka the guest bathroom) when you are hurt (aka my time of the month). It makes us feel gross (aka barfy)
3) You can only use your phone while CP is in school. Leave it in your room so you can pay attention to our stories that tend to go on for hours about Minecraft and You Tube videos (I added that last part)
4). Stop making us try new foods. We like what we like. (Pfft…)
5). Play dates scheduled daily.
6). Let Grandma come over more and you go away. (I’m on board for this one!)
7). Hug us more. (OH, C’MON!!!!)

Now I know there isn’t a contract and they have no idea how to get something notarized, but I think they are pretty serious. They look serious.


I wonder if I can get grounded. Like for a week.
I’m gonna try.


Fifty Shades Of Grey: Ladies, Go With Your Spouse, Not Your Friends.

Sometimes when a book comes out, we all get on the bandwagon to see what all the fuss is about. In the case of Fifty Shades Of Grey, the novel about a girl who falls for a handsome, sexy BSDMer, that bandwagon had a lot of riders.
Because it was the newest thing in “mommy erotica” and it was read at the rate of millions within months of release. *raising hand* I was a bandwagoner….although I read it to write reviews for the online sites that I worked for.


I bought all 3 books in the series.

However, I finished the first book and 1/2 of the second. I never got to the third nor do I have plans to do so. Truth be told, the main female character started to bug. I had to end the affair. I didn’t need another Twilight disappointment.
But but BUT….I’m going to convince my hubby to take me to see it. Even if it is awful, I’m gonna get something something after that damn movie.
I’m not going to watch a sex movie with my girlfriends!! Do I invite my chicas over to watch Skinimax? NO!!

Hey Margie? Yeah, it’s Kristi. Yeah, I think we should cancel our Starbucks run after kid drop off and head to my house and watch “Gone South Girl” and maybe “The DickInTheBoxTrolls” with a bottle of Pinot? Whatta say?!?

I mean, really. Magic Mike was a go with your ladies type of flick. (Ironic twist: I watched that with my spouse. We laughed through the entire thing) but 5SOG is not.

Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday. It’ll be a perfect time to catch an early flick so here’s my suggestion:
A). Fandango those tickets
B). Wear something loose and easy to shift during the heavy breathing moments
C). Consider getting a hotel room
D). Get off the Internet to find a babysitter now.
E). Call your girlfriends and decline their invite for ladies night.

You’re making sexy plans with your man.




A Fair Price for Diamonds. It CAN Happen!

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So many questions, so few answers.


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Honey Suckle Sours For Everyone. #PowellandMahoney

IMG_0196.JPGDisclaimer: Thanks to the folks at Powell and Mahoney for allowing me the privilege to try their product and share it among the masses.

 The most amazing thing happens when lemon and honey mix together. The tastes of sour & sweet tickles our senses and completes us. When lemon and honey are mixed TOGETHER in a cocktail, you could be fixing a sore throat AND a terrible evening in one shot. Therefore, I have created the Honey Suckle Sour  because I hate sore throats and terrible evenings.

The Honey Suckle Sour

Take one part Wild Turkey Honey Bourbon to two parts of the Lemon Sour mixer and place in a shaker. Shake with crushed ice (or just add parts together in glass and simply stir.)

Place a thin slice of lemon to the bottom of your glass and gently muddle with a spoon to release the oils in the rind and aroma. Pour into glass and top with a little bit of crushed ice. Add a straw. Lie in a hammock. Enjoy.



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