The Hero’s Fight

There once was a dear heroine. Most of the time, she was happy and brave but one day, she was miserable as she was unable to watch her favorite TV show because an evil witch wanted to watch The Chew.


She was distraught as only a damsel can be. 

But then suddenly, a hero appeared to fight for the heroine’s honor. He approached the evil witch and said…






Oh, did I mention they were siblings?? Anyway, the evil witch laughed manically HA HAHHA!! I have the TV remote and this Minecraft pick axe. I shall never give up my show. Be gone, Hero!!

This made the hero furious!! He felt that his sister, er, damsel had been disrespected. What?!? And he proceeded to fight for her honor. IMG_0903.JPG

And fight they did. It took all the hero’s skill and precision and eventually, he wore the evil witch down. The hero prevailed because of his strength and endless courage…but mostly because the evil witch was able to reach the record button before handing over the remote.





Once the fight was done, the hero found his damsel and they went off together to watch Teen Titans. They didn’t even care that they had already watched this episode 233 times before.

And so ends this story about the hero and heroine. They defeated the evil queen, witch, whatever… this time but she would certainly return someday. And they would rise up against once again…right after this episode. 



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What We Will Be Binge Watching #Netflix #NetflixKids 

Binge watching is a thing now. Y’all know that to be true. In fact, “binge watching” is listed in Wikipedia as:

Binge-watching, also called binge-viewing, is the practice of watching television for longer time spans than usual, usually of a single television show. In a survey conducted by Netflix in February 2014, 73% of people define binge-watching as “watching between 2-6 episodes of the same TV show in one sitting.” Binge-watching as an observed cultural phenomenon has become popular with the rise of online media services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime with which the viewer can watch television shows and movies on-demand.

Notice the mention of Netflix twice, yo.

That’s because Netflix created the tools to watch in a binge-y way. Shows that you might miss out on because you can’t watch them live…or your DVR is too darn full. Many people have given up on cable because they know they’ll eventually see the shows they want to watch on Netflix. Like these.

So, what is my family currently watching? I’m glad you asked. It makes creating these posts so much easier when you ask.

HOCLet’s start with me. House of Cards is by far one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Never mind the hype, Kevin Spacey kills in this drama, both in his artistic acting and literally in his character. He haunts you. It’s addictive. My mom and I have been chomping at the bit waiting for Season 3 which starts Friday February 27th. Start watching 1 and 2 now and play katchup!

My husband has been bingeing these shows. Re-watching some. Catching up on others. FRIENDS is my guilty pleasure but The Killing, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy and Dexter is all him.


Having these nuggets of cool to watch makes him pretty happy. All he needs is his iPad and he gets a little escape when his work days get super crazy in the head.


Now, the kids. They have been watching quite a bit of everything lately. They discovered this mermaid show by accident and then we found out it is one of Netflix’s original shows.

Mako Mermaids is about these 3 mermaids who are adjusting to life on land. They live with their aunt who has the same magical power and spending time teaching the girls how to adapt. It’s sweet and not too scary for my little girl. There are new seasons coming so if you want a live action show that your younger kids can enjoy, I highly recommend.


The boy is also watching Adventure Time. I’m back and forth about this show. It’s not my first choice so I watch it with him. Right now, Netflix has Season 1 and 2 BUT they are removing the show in March. Here’s a chance to watch the show and see if it’s one you want your kids to see.

There are new shows popping up all the time including one that I’m excited to watch called…oh wait, I can’t tell you…. :) I can say that it includes some of the actors from 30 Rock and The Office…. Intrigued??

Watch out for my post on March 5th. Woohoo!!!

 Ta Ta…I got some BWing to catchup on..


imageBlogger’s Note: I supply my readers with a list of things to watch on Netflix and Netflix lets me watch for the price of my charm and wordy wit. It’s an awesome gig.

They Are At That Age

He sat down and wiggled at his newly discovered loose tooth. Long gone are the days of teary-eyed whines that “it hurts” and “can you do it, Mommy?”

She tugs at my leg and looks up at me asking “When can I go?” when we drop off her brother at school. It’s been several months since she’s cuddled up with me and said “I won’t never go to school, mama!”

They don’t ask for juice anymore as I’ve placed it where they can retrieve it from themselves. There is no more cries for “Help me” when they occupy the bathroom. They devoid without me standing over them, hovering with tp in my hand. Minus my call out to remind them to scrub their hands, it’s completely a one person job.

Selectively, I’m still needed….although it’s bittersweet. With 2 1/2 years between them, the independence in them both has hit a peak I wasn’t ready for…even though I’m the one who fostered it.

I wasn’t ready. I’m still not ready.

I look at them both with pride and sorrow. They just aren’t little anymore. They just don’t need me like they once did. The shouts for “Mommy” have become a faint echo in the hallway as I hand them their folded clothes to put away. They figured things out when I wasn’t paying attention. Everyday they grow a nano-inch more as they gain just a tiny bit more control of their lives.. And I feel smaller in their world.

As I drink them in, I can see it now. The feathers from their infantile wings shimmering in the light. When they become adults, those wings will be big enough to carry them anywhere. They will soar. I know it. I can feel it.

Today, it’s a tiny splinter in my heart. I’ll feel their growth as only a parent can. Be tiny again! I’ll say Please just a little bit longer!. I ache. I crow with pride. I’m so torn inside.

I’m not ready.



Your Smile, Even More Brilliant #review #giveaway

I’m so excited to write today’s post!! You guys are gonna love this!!

I was contacted by the amazing people at Smile Brilliant to try out their product, review it and create a giveaway for all you awesome folks. That is, if I loved it.

And I DO!!

There have been many times that I’ve thought about whitening my teeth. I mean, I drink coffee, iced tea, lots of wine…. My teeth haven’t been super white for a while. So, I was curious about how it all works.

Basically, you’ll receive a putty mixture that you use to create your teeth molds. It’s fairly easy but you need to do it quickly because the putty will hardened. I recommend doing it after your kids head to bed or are zombies in front of the T.V. You’ll need a few uninterrupted minutes to do it right.

Then you ship the hardened trays back to SB. They will create your trays that you wear. The kit comes with two types of gels: the whitening and the desensitizing. This part was what sold me because I tend to have SENSITIVE TEETH and anything on my teeth for too long tends to hurt. Using this product did NOT hurt because I used the desensitizing gel. And my teeth have gradually gotten whiter.

Now, be aware that this product does whiten but it’s meant to gradually return your teeth to their normal color. Everybody’s teeth white differently so you may not get super glowing Ross teeth!!


But if you want to try a win a starter set of your own, go down below and enter. This giveaway will only last a week so get on it!!

Here’s to a new whiter tooth-i-er you!!

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Blogger’s note: If you still decide you would like to try out this product, get my code GILBERT5 and enter it in at checkout. I really think you’ll love this product!!!

Hut One and Watch This!! #Netflix #Football #SuperBowl

It’s getting close to Super Bowl time. Which means it’s time to watch (or re-watch) some of the classic football movies of all time. These are a few choices I’ve selected to watch with my kids ( monitoring the cursing, of course) with the hope that they can appreciate how awesome sports movies can be. Plus it might get you fired up for watching the game on Sunday afternoon.

That way if your team doesn’t win, you can get some good feels in from the ending of, let’s say….



A household favorite. If you haven’t seen this underdog movie about football, you are missing out!!! GO IRISH!!!!



The lead character is more school nerd than school athlete. If you loved Dawson’s Creek, give this movie whirl! Bonus: one of Paul Walker’s best performances.



I’m not giving you any clues about the storyline! Just watch it!! I highly recommend!! Cuba Cuba Cuba!!!



Any movie that brings the high stakes, hard work and huge payoff to the table is one I have to watch. Oh the feels. Prepare to cry and cry.

So, what are you watching before the big game?? Let me know in the comments because I LOVE RECOMMENDATIONS!!!

Here’s to a good game!!



 Blogger’s Note: I’m honored and privileged to be a member of the Netflix Stream Team, especially since Netflix is on 24/7 in my house. I watch and recommend to you. You watch and sign up for lots and lots of months of Netflix. everybody wins.